Heavy Haul Trucking

When it comes time to move your next big load, look to a heavy haul carrier with experienced drivers ready to move your freight safely and securely.

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Dependable Heavy Haul Trucking for Your Over-Dimensional Needs

Large or heavy loads are subject to different rules and regulations. And those rules and regulations vary by each state and province your freight travels through. How are you supposed to keep track of everything?

Making one mistake could cost you time and money — putting your project at risk.

Find a partner with the experience you need in Anderson Trucking Service (ATS).

  • Avoid slowdowns caused by accidents or safety violations with in-house safety and securement teams
  • Put your freight in good hands with experienced heavy haul drivers who specialize in oversize and overweight shipping
  • Protect your investment with drivers who go through ongoing safety and securement training
  • Reduce the risk of damage by partnering with someone who won't take shortcuts

ATS drivers need to prove their skills before they take on your heavy haul transport needs. It’s not until they show they can pull standard 53-foot trailers and reach certain milestones that they move on to the next size and weight class.

A Heavy Haul Carrier Where Commitment Means Everything

There's nothing more frustrating than putting in the work to find a heavy haul carrier to ship your over-dimensional freight, just to have them back out on you last minute.

It shouldn't be this hard to find a reliable heavy haul carrier...

When you partner with ATS, you’ll avoid dealing with heavy haul trucking companies that claim they’re ready to do the 

job you asked for and, at the last minute, tell you they won’t be able to. When we say we’ll do something for you, we’ll do it the right way. That goes for pricing too. Get an accurate quote upfront that won't change.

8-axle heavy haul truck parked in lot with mountains in the background

Heavy Haul Carrier Selection Checklist

Picking the right heavy haul carrier for your business can be difficult.

We're here to show you how. 

Download this guide today and take the first step toward developing healthy carrier partnerships that'll be there for you tomorrow.

Our company runs a tight inventory and we depend on ATS to make consistent, on-time delivery without interruption to avoid production shutdowns. ATS helps us keep our lines running.

ATS has been an incredibly dedicated partner, going above and beyond to assist with budgetary/planning quotes and drawings. This has been a critical part of our success in building the transportation plan for a new manufacturing site.

Do You Have Questions About Heavy Haul Trucking?
We've Got Answers.

Oftentimes, heavy haul trucking requires many moving parts to ensure proper execution, safety and on-time delivery. To help you decide if your heavy haul carrier is doing the right things to help you succeed, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about heavy haul trucking.

How Do Seasonal Load Restrictions Impact My Shipments?

What should you think about when shipping during spring thaw and what can you do to deliver your goods on time? Find out how spring load restrictions impact your shipment.

Why Does Heavy Haul Trucking Require Extra Planning?

A lot goes into moving a massive load. It's important to find the right trailer, the right route and the right people to safely deliver your heavy freight. But why?

How Does Freight Weight Impact Trailer Type?

Learn more about the relationship between heavy haul freight weight and trailer type. 

What Does Heavy Haul Trucking Cost?

Understanding your heavy haul trucking rate can be a challenge. Here are the most pressing cost factors you'll need to know. 

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Experience When it Matters Most

Avoid slowdowns and reduce the risk of damage caused by accidents or safety violations when you partner with ATS. Put your freight in good hands with experienced drivers specially trained to haul your freight.
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