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Responsive Dry Van Truckload Shipping

Your business is unique, your supply chain is complex. This makes it challenging to find a consistently compatible dry van provider. Until now. Here at Anderson Trucking Service (ATS), our dry van network is strategically positioned to ensure synergy across your shipments. 

Tap the buttons below to explore each segment of the ATS van network totaling more than 600 power units and 1,400 trailers.

Map of ATS vans 18 power lanes eastern united states


Looking for competitive pricing and reliable shipment coverage shouldn’t create risks for you. Finding a carrier that can provide good service and consistent capacity at a reasonable price isn't impossible. 

Here at ATS, we understand your position: Your customers require consistency, but consistency and good service often come with higher rates.

That’s why after thousands of deliveries along these 18 lanes each year, we’ve dedicated a significant portion of our van fleet to ensure thorough capacity, reliable service and competitive rates along them and within a 100-mile radius of these cities. With drivers dedicated to these lanes, we're able to gain operational efficiencies and pass these savings on to you. 

The ATS Van Network Lanes have hundreds of assets and partners surrounding these locations, meaning a truck — and speedy recovery option (if needed) — is never far away. 

To keep costs down, create efficiencies and promote growth, many companies have regionalized their distribution centers, facilities and partnerships within the U.S. 

To meet these companies' needs, ATS has a regionalized fleet.

Our robust network of assets and drivers are primarily located in the Midwest (within a 500-mile radius of Chicago) and the Southeast (within a 500-mile radius of Atlanta).

In these areas,  your top priority is ensuring your cargo arrives on time and damage-free. 

You need to work with a transportation provider that shares your commitment to quality service and has the infrastructure, stability and experience to align with your goals in these regions.

Companies that trust ATS’ regional fleet receive around-the-clock freight visibility and transportation services hand-picked to meet their needs.




Map of United States with marks for truck drivers throughout

Whether it's across the country or down the street, utilizing a provider you're familiar with — that you've tested before — is a significant advantage.

You shouldn't need to onboard a new dry van carrier every time your shipping needs shift. That only makes it harder to gain efficiencies across your supply chain.

While our assets, drivers and facilities are most heavily concentrated east of the Mississippi River, ATS offers customized solutions throughout the U.S. 

Manage All of Your Dry Van Freight Needs with One Call

Your dry van trucking needs are unique. So why is your carrier treating you like everyone else they serve? Get a personalized experience to fit your needs, whether they’re national, regional, consistent or one-off, with ATS. Be as far-reaching as you need with our dry van services —while feeling like you’re our only customer.


Where Capacity, Service and Price Intersect. . . Finally.

You shouldn't have to choose between reliable capacity, on-time service and competitive rates. Too often, however, that's exactly the sacrifice companies face when sourcing dry van capacity. 

Our networks can offer competitive rates, reliable service and consistent coverage for shippers looking for the following services: 

  • Full-truckload dry van service
  • Full-truckload multi-stop service
  • Drop trailer service (for pre-loading and drop-and-hook)
  • Dedicated service
  • Peak season/quick-turn shipping service
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Freight Carrier Selection Checklist

Picking the right freight carrier for your business can be difficult. We're here to show you how.

Get the guide and take the first step toward developing healthy carrier partnerships that'll be there for you tomorrow.

Grow Into the Future With a Strategic Partner

Dry van parked on side of desert highway

Your business is growing and so are your logistics needs. If your current dry van carrier can't keep up, that could stunt your growth and hurt the reputation you work so hard to maintain.

You need a dry van provider with knowledge of your shipping lanes, assets where you need them and a commitment to investing in technologies and programs that benefit you. 

In this vain, here's what ATS' van network can offer you:

  • 24/7 coverage every day of the year
  • SmartWay certification
  • Load tracking via our customer portal
  • Trailer tracking with cargo-facing cameras on every trailer


*ATS was the proud recipient of the 2022 Quest for Quality award in the truckload dry freight category, displaying our ongoing commitment to service quality and performance.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizes ATS, Inc. as a Registered SmartWay® Transport Partner — Partnership Date: 10/17/2006; SmartWay ID: 12031417 — Expires: 02/28/2024

All requests to ATS, whether by email or by phone, are acknowledged right away. Scheduling and quoting is very easy and quick.

Our company runs a tight inventory and we depend on ATS to make consistent, on-time delivery without interruption to avoid production shutdowns. ATS helps us keep our lines running.

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