Get a dry van shipping partner that can adapt to your freight needs.

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Keep Your Business Growing With Responsive Dry Van Truckload Shipping

Your business is growing and so are your logistics needs. And if your current dry van carrier can't keep up, that could be detrimental to your growth.

How can you find a dry van truckload carrier that adapts to your needs?

Start by looking for dry van carriers that are growing — which will provide you with a partner that can respond to your changing demands.

Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) can be your dry van truckload carrier with the versatility it takes to manage your retail, construction or other key shipping needs. That includes special requests like:

  • Pad and blanket wrap shipping for your out-of-the-box and fragile freight
  • Project management and rollout services for safe and efficient delivery of your fixtures and inventories — including drop trailer shipping
  • Peak season & quick-turn shipping for your irregular and unpredictable logistics needs
  • Hazmat shipping for safe solutions when you need to ship hazardous materials, including chemicals

Keep promises and maximize your delivery network with flexible dry van services from ATS.

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Freight Carrier Selection Checklist

Picking the right freight carrier for your business can be difficult. We're here to show you how.

Get the guide and take the first step toward developing healthy carrier partnerships that'll be there for you tomorrow.

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Save Money & Reduce Risk with Multi-Stop Full Truckload Solutions

Your large rollouts require deliveries to numerous locations — which usually means multiple trucks and trailers to get your displays to their final destinations. Besides vague tracking details, it can lead to damage from multiple touches and transfers from trailer to trailer.

Reduce the risk of damage and increase your visibility with ATS' multi-stop full truckload shipping solutions. (Check out this recent multi-stop success story) We'll do the work to find the most efficient multi-stop routes with in-house technology that allows for a quick turnaround on quotes — even overnight.

Multi-Stop, Full-Truckload Solution Ships Thousands of Displays in 8 Days

How one major retailer leveraged their transportation partner to roll out a project with more than 2,700 nationwide deliveries in less than 10 days.
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Manage All of Your Dry Van Freight Needs with One Call

Your dry van trucking needs are unique. So why is your carrier treating you like everyone else they serve? Get a personalized experience to fit your needs, whether they’re national, regional, consistent or one-off, with ATS. Be as far-reaching as you need with our dry van services —while feeling like you’re our only customer.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognizes ATS, Inc. as a Registered SmartWay® Transport Partner — Partnership Date: 10/17/2006; SmartWay ID: 12031417 — Expires: 03/21/2023

Keep Your Business Growing With Responsive Dry Van Shipping

Keep promises and maximize your delivery network with flexible dry van services from ATS. Get the versatility it takes to manage your shipping needs — whatever they might be.
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All requests to ATS, whether by email or by phone, are acknowledged right away. Scheduling and quoting is very easy and quick.

Our company runs a tight inventory and we depend on ATS to make consistent, on-time delivery without interruption to avoid production shutdowns. ATS helps us keep our lines running.

Do You Have Questions About Dry Van Shipping?
We've Got Answers.

When it comes to shipping your freight in a dry van trailer, you've got a ton of options. But how do you know if you're choosing the right option for your needs? To help you find the best shipping solutions — and the best shipping partner — here are several of the most common questions about dry van shipping.

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What is Multi-Stop Truckload Shipping?

Multi-stop freight shipping, when properly used, is a great tool for shippers who need to distribute freight to many customers along a central route. How does it work and when should you use it?

What is White-Glove Service?

White-glove services are an essential piece of the freight shipping world but who are they best for and how do they impact pricing? How can white-glove deliveries impact your supply chain?

When Should I Use Drop Trailer Service?

Using drop trailer service for your freight shipment can be an excellent tool. Loading times are easier to control and overall load scheduling can be improved. Do the advantages benefit you?

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