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Used Truck Lease Purchase

Used Truck Lease Purchase:

Become an Owner Operator

By using the ATS used truck lease purchase offer, you can become an owner operator and work for yourself. The ATS pre-certified lease purchase offer will not only enable you to own your own rig, but also to make more money and become more independent as a driver.

OWNER OPERATORS MAKE MORE MONEY: By switching from a company driver to an owner operator you can make more money for yourself! It’s true – owner operators make more money than company drivers do, but you can join them with our help. ATS has helped over 2,750 drivers to buy their own rig and we can do the same for you!

ATS can help you become an owner operator with a one-year lease/purchase deal on a Pre-Certified 2009 or newer Cascadia, Coronado, Freightliner, International, Peterbilt or Volvo. How about a deal STARTING WITH:

That’s right – No Credit Check and No Money Down!


On top of that you also get:

●  A $2,500 Sign-On Bonus if You Decide on a Flatbed.
●  A Fuel Protection Program
●  Mileage or Percentage Options
●  A Specialized Career Path and Multiple Load Offers
●  Low Truck Payments

And: We give you a $4,000 Completion Bonus when your ONE YEAR LEASE is over! You can then purchase your leased truck or get into a NEW TRUCK!

When we say ‘Low Truck Payments’ we mean LOW! The actual payment you make will depend on the model of your truck and its year, but your payments will still be low compared to other leasing deals you will find online.

Reduced Payments with ATS Used Lease Program
Perhaps this opportunity seems too good to be true? Many people will think that, but – it only seems that way!
●  You may have been driving all your life in somebody else’s truck and wondering if that is all there
is for you. Not so – there is a lot more!
●  You might drive a rig for your employer and wish you had your own truck or van so you could pick
and choose your loads and destinations to suit your needs and those of your family.
●  Maybe your payments are not coming in fast enough for you – would weekly do?
●  Do want more control over what vehicle you drive and the type of loads you carry?
●  Wouldn’t it be good to be able to lease your own truck and then get the option to lease next
year’s model or even purchase the truck you have?
●  Perhaps you have your eye on a good truck that you would just love to own but can’t get the finance           for it?

The ATS Pre-Certified Lease Purchase Program

The answer to each of these situations is the ATS Pre-Certified Lease Purchase program:

●  You are certified in advance for a one-year lease
●  NO Money Down
●  NO Credit Check no matter what your circumstances are
●  NO fixed expenses for the first two weeks (truck payment, insurance, escrow, etc)
●  Full train drive warranty during the lease period
●  ‘Fuel Protection’ Plan guaranteed
●  Catastrophic and 30 Day “Bumper-to-Bumper” warranties available
●  FREE Plates and Permits ($1,750 value)
●  Day One Rider Pass
●  Weekly payment settlements
●  $4,000 Lease Completion BONUS!
●  Purchase your truck at the end of the lease period – or lease another new rig
●  Buy at low interest rates and repayment levels

Company Drivers can Become Owner Operators

If you have been driving for a company and wish you could drive your own truck for yourself and your family, then is a great opportunity for you. Why do we offer it? Because here at ATS we know that drivers need to go home when they want to, and that they work better when they know they are their own boss. Our drivers are the backbone of the company and we offer them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

What do we get from a great deal like this? Since we started up in 1955, Anderson Trucking Service has regarded its drivers as being part of the family. They are more than just employees, which is why we help them to own their own trucks if they want to. They know that we trust them, and they trust us. By giving our drivers the vehicles to do the best job they can, and the opportunity to own these vehicles, they will respond in a positive way that will benefit ATS, our clients and also our drivers. Pre-certified used lease purchase is a great starting point to achieve this.

No other trucking company does more to help its drivers to succeed in their chosen profession. Contact ATS today for more information on our Pre-Certified Used Lease Purchase offer, and get started on your road to success with us.

Apply Online Today or pick-up a PHONE and talk to our Recruiting Department NOW at 800-343-8787