Aaron Holmgren
By Aaron Holmgren
on May 22, 2024
In 2023, California passed a history-making ban on new diesel truck sales, sending shockwaves through the transportation industry.
Ben Delong
By Ben Delong
on February 26, 2024
In today's dynamic transportation landscape, where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount, load board apps have revolutionized the way shippers, brokers, and carriers connect. Hosted online, ...
Brady Winkels
By Brady Winkels
on January 02, 2024
Trucking is a vital industry. Companies like yours truly keep the world moving; without your assistance, food wouldn’t make it to dinner tables, drinking water would stop flowing, housing development ...
Kelli Bloom
By Kelli Bloom
on December 18, 2023
Safety on the road is a big deal for everyone — from truck drivers and mini-van drivers to bicyclists and pedestrians. But for truck drivers, it goes one step further. As the biggest vehicle on the ...
Jerry Ramirez
By Jerry Ramirez
on December 11, 2023
Technology is intertwined with your personal life. Cell phones, computers, tablets, smartwatches and televisions have been jostling for your attention off the clock for more than a decade. On the ...
Sean Glenz
By Sean Glenz
on November 22, 2023
The holidays are a joyous time of year, but they can be extra stressful if you aren’t prepared. That goes for everyone — whether you’re a company driver, an owner-operator running under your ...
Austin Hester
By Austin Hester
on October 30, 2023
For companies with goods to ship, there’s no shortage of advice on choosing a transportation provider (freight broker, trucking company, 3PL) to move them.
Mark Andres
By Mark Andres
on October 24, 2023
Fuel is a major concern for trucking companies and truck drivers everywhere. In fact, everyone is talking about it. It’s not uncommon for me to walk into the office and comment about fuel prices ...
By Mary Wolf
on October 04, 2023
According to an August 25, 2023 snapshot of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA’s) carrier registration statistics, there are more than two million trucking companies in the U.S.
By Mary Wolf
on September 27, 2023
There are a lot of moving pieces in your line of work. As a trucking company, your job is to keep America running by hauling all kinds of freight, come sunshine or harsh weather.
Sean Glenz
By Sean Glenz
on September 20, 2023
Not only is truck driving an enjoyable career — because you get to enjoy your freedom and explore the country — but truck driving can be an extremely lucrative career. In fact, as of December 15, ...
Jerry Ramirez
By Jerry Ramirez
on September 13, 2023
Cargo theft has been on the rise within the U.S. for over five years. This issue has impacted countless businesses and is only accelerating throughout 2023. According to CargoNet, the National ...
Mark Andres
By Mark Andres
on May 01, 2023
Whether you work for a large trucking company, a smaller outfit or operate a single truck under your own authority, you’ve probably worked with a freight brokerage at some point.
Adam Koopmeiners
By Adam Koopmeiners
on April 10, 2023
Whether you’re a trucking company or a shipper, ensuring a successful oversized/overweight (OSOW) shipment can be tricky. Every state, county and municipality across the U.S. and Canada sets rules ...