Keep your production moving with just one carrier.

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Simplify Your Agricultural Equipment Shipping

As a farm equipment manufacturer, there are a lot of moving parts in your production process. And if your transportation provider can't keep up with the changing demands, it can mess up your entire supply chain — especially if you're working with multiple carriers for different parts of the production process.

There has to be a better way.

Instead of working with one dry van carrier for your raw parts and a separate carrier that specializes in open-deck shipping for your finished farm equipment transport, work with one carrierAnderson Trucking Service (ATS).

Whether you're shipping from a manufacturing facility, a dealer, a warehouse or a yard, get the right trailer for the job, where you need it, when you need it. You can be confident that your farm equipment transport is being done the right way the first time — with safety and proper securement always top of mind.


Gain the Trust of Your Customers and Colleagues With a Farm Equipment Hauler That Delivers Just-in-Time

Your production process is the way it is for a reason — to be efficient. So if your transportation provider shows up at times that don't make sense for your schedule, everything gets messed up.

Get your parts and machinery delivered just in time with ATS — whether you need dedicated dealer lanes or a one-off project. With equipment density throughout North America and an industry-leading load acceptance rate, you won't be left scrambling when it's time to move the load.

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One-Call Service for All Your Agriculture Transport Needs

Keep your production moving with just one carrier. With dry van and open-deck shipping solutions, ATS can manage your just-in-time production all the way through final delivery of your finished products.
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