Choose the transportation partner that can manage your massive needs.

Mining Equipment TransportationMining Equipment Shipping With Assets Designed to Move Your Unique Freight

Your mining equipment shipping needs are about as diverse as the sites your equipment is headed to. You need a transportation partner that can adapt to your unique load diversity and size requirements. Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) is built to handle whatever challenges arise. With thousands of company-owned assets in multiple varieties — we’ll have the perfect trailer to transport your massive oversize and overweight equipment using proper securement procedures.

Experts Behind the Wheel Who Specialize in Hauling Big Freight

There’s little room for error when hauling mining equipment. A driver behind the wheel who knows exactly what they’re doing makes all the difference. ATS Heavy Haul drivers progress through the ranks to earn their coveted role as a Heavy Haul driver. Once there, they only pull over-dimensional freight and go through ongoing training to ensure continued safe practices and securement processes.

Choose the Transportation Partner That Can Manage Your Massive Needs

With a fleet as diverse as the equipment you produce, ATS can haul whatever you need moved, wherever you need it moved. Rest assured knowing it will be done right.
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