Put your freight in good hands with a transportation partner that can manage your massive needs.

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Get Your Mining Equipment Transported on Equipment Designed to Move it Safely

The size and shape of your mining equipment can vary wildly — kind of like the sites your equipment is headed to. You need a transportation partner that can adapt to your unique load diversity and size requirements.

But with so many heavy haul providers to choose from, how will you know if the one you choose is suited to fit your needs?

No matter what challenges you're facing, Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) is built to handle them. Your massive oversize and overweight equipment will be secured properly onto one of the thousands of company-owned assets in multiple varieties in the ATS fleet.


Trust Your Freight to Those Who Specialize in Shipping Mining Equipment

There’s little room for error when hauling mining equipment. You can't afford to have a driver behind the wheel without the understanding of exactly what to do when pulling that massive freight.

How can you ensure your mining equipment shipping is being done properly?

Trust your freight to a driver who's earned their way into hauling bigger and heavier freight. ATS heavy haul drivers progress through the ranks to earn their coveted role as heavy haul drivers. Once there, they only pull over-dimensional freight and go through ongoing training to ensure continued safe practices and securement processes.

11-axle heavy haul truck parked in lot near pilot car

Safely Manage Your Mining Equipment Transport

Get a transportation partner that can adapt to your unique load diversity and size requirements when you partner with ATS. Your freight will be in good hands with drivers that go through ongoing training to ensure best safety practices.
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Oftentimes, mining equipment transport requires many moving parts to ensure proper execution, safety and on-time delivery. To help you decide if your heavy haul carrier is doing the right things to help you succeed, here are some of the most commonly asked questions related to mining equipment shipping.

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How Does Freight Weight Impact Trailer Type?

As your freight gets bigger, the trailer used to haul it needs to do the same. But what are the criteria used to decide trailer type?

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