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Get Paid Fast When You Become a Brokered Carrier

Working with brokerages is part of what you do to move freight and get paid. But it can be tough to make ends meet when you don’t get your payout for a week or more. When you become a brokered carrier with ATS Logistics and Sureway Transportation Company (Sureway) you’ll get paid in three to five days with no fees. We partner with Transflo to get your paperwork in our hands faster — so you can get your money faster. You’ll also be able to work with whichever agent you like — and call them directly at any time. With access to all types of freight, you can move the loads you like moving most.

Become a Carrier

Find Stability With One of North America's Best Freight Brokers

Finding a freight broker you can trust is tough. It’s even more frustrating when you find a brokerage you like, only to find out they went out of business overnight. ATS Logistics and Sureway are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) and benefit from ATS’ financial stability and wide range of supply chain solutions. ATS Logistics and Sureway have been around for decades and will be here for many decades to come.

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Move Quality Freight With Quality Customers When You Become a Freight Carrier

You’re willing to move almost anything that pays the bills, but you’d love some variety in your day. When you become a brokered carrier with ATS Logistics and  Sureway, you’ll gain access to a wide variety of quality customers. That’s because our customers appreciate the full-service solutions we offer, meaning they come back to us again and again. You’ll get consistent freight options in a variety of forms that pay quickly.

ATS Logistics Services, Inc., dba Sureway Transportation Company, is a full-service transportation brokerage and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.

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