Secure Transportation Services

High-security specialized transportation solutions catered to support national security.

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Reliable Transportation For the DOD and Its Partners

You have a lot on your plate, the weight of a nation on your shoulders. That’s why you can’t afford to lend freight to underresourced, unreliable transportation providers


As an agency (or company) committed to national security and international amity, the work you do is invaluable. The performance of your transportation providers and logistics partners should never waver.

In a world where coordination and timing are of paramount importance, you need a company with the experience, partnerships and assets to meet your most complex transportation needs.

Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) has been serving the Department of Defense and defense contractors for more than a decade, providing unique solutions for a gambit of military freight, supplies and equipment.

ATS Secure: Your dedicated fleet of DOD-cleared drivers and teams offering asset-backed, secured transportation solutions nationwide.

ATS Secure's Transportation Services

Constant Surveillance Service (CIS)

Satellite Motor Surveillance Service (SNS)

Dual Driver Protective Service (DDP)

Protect Security Service (PSS)

Security Escort Vehicles (SEV)

DTTS Trailer Tracking Service (DCS)

Classified Materials Transport

Specialized Equipment Transport

Expedited Transport

Hazardous Materials Transport

Industry Leading Transportation Protective Services

Most companies claim their service levels, driver quality, commitment to innovation and reliability outpace the field. Then, when it's time to prove it — to show up, think outside the box and deliver — they fall short. This is unacceptable in any circumstance. It's particularly damaging when it hinders government logistics operations. 


ATS Secure continuously invests in the latest training and development, equipment, infrastructure and technology to meet your needs.

Make your logistics more efficient, less complex and safer with the help of a transportation company that’s brimming with expertise, resources and the hardworking nature our nation was founded on. 

Your job is to keep us safe. Our job is to support you by removing the burden transportation can become.


Asset Equipment:

  • Dry Vans
  • Flatbeds
  • Step-decks
  • Conestogas
  • Lowboys


What to Expect:

  • One Point of Contact
  • Specially Trained Driver Teams
  • Arms & Ammunition Approved
  • 24/7 Freight Tracking
  • C-TPAT Certified Carrier
  • SmartWay Certified Carrier
  • NDTA Member

A History of Serving Our Nation

In 1955, ATS was founded on the pillars of integrity, determination, responsibility, innovation and excellence. These values extend, in no small part, from the military service experience lining our halls and history. Our founder and current CEO both learned the importance of reliable transportation and logistics in achieving military objectives firsthand. This experience has guided ATS for over six decades and drives our company's unwavering commitment to serving the Department of Defense and its partners.