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    Asset Equipment

    Asset Based Trucking That Fits Your Needs Now and Into the Future

    ATS Fleet

    Laws and regulations within the transportation industry are constantly changing. With that change comes new ways to haul your freight safely, securely and responsibly. As an asset-based trucking company, Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) anticipates the market and constantly updates our fleet. This means we always look several years down the road before investing in new equipment.

    We also partner with leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across various industries to determine how they prefer their freight to be hauled. We take that information to the most reputable trailer manufacturers and customize everything — from load securement features to weight of the trailer — in order to be compliant with laws in every state and province.

    Diversified Assets for Improved Freight Securement

    Having access to many varieties of trailers allows for better securement of your varied freight. At ATS, we not only have many varieties of trailers, but also multiple options within each variety. When we say we have Removable Gooseneck (RGN) trailers, it really means we have several types of RGN trailers — including stretch RGNs and multi-axle RGNs. That goes for enclosed van trailers too. We have trailers with ramps in addition to trailers with side doors — all with air ride suspension. If you’re interested in purchasing high-quality equipment that’s been well maintained, visit our Equipment for Sale page.



    ATS fits our need for a good mix of equipment, including van trailers, flatbeds and step decks. Picking up on time helps us meet our on-time delivery expectations.
    varieties of trailers

    Gain Access to the Assets That Fit Your Exact Needs

    When it’s time to move your next load, look to an asset-based carrier that has safety and securement in mind. We’ve got the ideal shipping solution to haul your freight properly.

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