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Freight Trucking Companies

Freight Trucking Companies

Some freight trucking companies only know about trucks. That’s fine if you’re shipping simple containerized cargo, but not so great if you’ve got oversized, fragile, heavy, proprietary or very valuable items to move.

At Anderson Trucking Service,Inc. (ATS) we’ve carried freight of every imaginable size and shape, safely and securely, for over 60 years.

Time tested and True to your needs

As you work with ATS, our longtime company employees get to know your business. Your personal account manager becomes familiar with what you ship and which obstacles are in the way. Our staff can anticipate your needs and suggest new freight solutions as they arise. The broad knowledge of every member of our company, from managers to dispatchers to drivers, informs your transportation service.

Superior Knowledge among Freight Trucking Companies

While we’ve come to know many specialized businesses and their needs over the years, we’ve also perfected our knowledge base about our own trucking comapny and industry. The freight business has changed radically in our companies lifetime, and we’ve kept up with evolving trucking equipment, state and federal regulations, and communications technology. We’ve managed to do this while maintaining our integrity and down-to-earth style.

Our drivers display their superior knowledge and experience every day. We hire only the best professionals, many of whom have reached our Million-Mile mark of excellent service without an accident. ATS drivers handle your freight with the care needed to deliver your commodities or equipment in its original, pristine condition. That’s because we insist on early driver orientation and continuing safety education.

Find out why ATS is the freight trucking company that knows more by calling us at (800) 328-2316. You can also request information about our heavy haul trucking company by writing to us via fax at (320) 255-7494 or by email at