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Turnkey Solutions, In-House Resources & Ideal Equipment Combine to Save Time and Money on Mission-Critical Data Center Project

A global manufacturer needed nine over-dimensional generator enclosure sets to be transported from Batavia, Ohio to a data center site near Des Moines, Iowa.

The Challenge

Truckload-Graphic_SMEach generator enclosure set consisted of three truckloads per enclosure set with components up to 15 feet wide, 13 feet 7 inches high, 50 feet long and weighing up to 130,000 pounds. All loads needed to be delivered just-in-time (JIT) — in a specific sequence — to facilitate the crane offload and installation at the job site.

Based on past experiences with previous carriers, the customer was concerned about delays in obtaining over-dimensional transportation permits in specific states, which could hold up the project. They were also concerned about accessibility and ground stability at the building site with oversized and overweight freight. It can also be difficult finding 13-axle tractor/trailer equipment and highly skilled Drivers to transport this type of freight.

A Tailored Turnkey Solution

To successfully connect the many facets of this project and meet critical delivery timelines, the manufacturer needed a partner that could conduct on-site visits, find and secure staging options and coordinate all of the transportation components for JIT delivery. The Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) Projects Team dedicated a project manager to coordinate all transportation-related efforts in support of this project. While there were many players involved, the project manager served as a single point of contact — working hand-in-hand with the customer and the team from quoting through final delivery.

5219940_WebDue to the size of the components to be delivered and the precise delivery windows required, substantial planning and coordination beyond the physical transport of the loads was needed. To ensure deliveries without delays, an ATS site survey team visited the location to conduct an in-depth analysis. This was to ensure there would be safe access for oversized and overweight equipment and provided an opportunity to share specific instructions with Drivers delivering to the site. ATS also secured a staging area near the delivery site to safely hold the loads, if needed, as they awaited JIT delivery.

Throughout the course of the project, ATS’ in-house teams planned routes and secured 127 individual over-dimensional permits for 27 loads and coordinated 64 pilot car and 16 state patrol escorts. The use of in-house resources saved time and ensured seamless communication throughout the project. The expertise under one roof allowed the manufacturer to avoid problematic jurisdictions, ensuring uninterrupted movement of the loads to the destination.

The primary challenge with the over-dimensional loads was the unique length, height and weight combination of the components in each load. A 13-axle perimeter deck trailer was determined to be the best solution in order to keep the height down. That specific trailer allowed the overall height of each load to remain under 15 feet, keeping the cargo safe and minimizing permitting time and expense.

IMG_6115_WebTo facilitate the JIT delivery protocol — in addition to online load tracking — ATS provided the customer with load location updates two times each day via phone calls and a detailed tracking spreadsheet. The spreadsheet was shared with the manufacturer daily to assist with the coordination of cranes, along with the unloading and installation schedules.

Drawing from an extensive fleet of equipment and experienced Drivers, the customer had ongoing access to a large pool of tractors, trailers* and specially qualified Drivers throughout the project.

*To support this customer base’s ongoing expansion needs, ATS has since invested in additional specialized 13-axle trailer equipment to support future moves of this size and weight.

Mission Accomplished

ATS proved to be a trusted transportation partner for this global manufacturer by providing turnkey, end-to-end transportation and project management services for this multi-faceted project. Using in-house resources — including an in-house freight brokerage — ATS was able to amass the full strength of larger parts of the organization to deliver the project on schedule while preserving one central point of contact for the customer to maximize efficiency. Leveraging the partner’s decades of experience hauling extreme cargo, the manufacturer was able to achieve 100 percent on-time delivery of components — all within the originally specified timelines and budget.

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Download Data Center Case StudyAnderson Trucking Service’s (ATS) Heavy Haul fleet has been a mainstay in the ATS company-owned portfolio for more than 40 years. More than 400 dedicated trucks and company-owned trailers strong, ATS Heavy Haul successfully plans, permits and delivers nearly 10,000 loads weighing over 90,000 pounds each year. The ATS Heavy Haul team includes its own team of dedicated Drivers, whose sole focus is the safe and efficient transportation of over-dimensional freight. With an average tenure well above industry averages, each member of this elite Driver team has successfully completed a proprietary training program designed to ensure safety, professionalism and efficiency in over-dimensional transport. ATS is the third-largest flatbed/heavy specialized carrier in the country and has earned its place as an established leader and preferred heavy haul transportation partner nationwide.