Massive Display Rollout for Leading Retailer

Delivering Claim-Free Efficiency with Multi-Stop Van Delivery Service

15% Total miles reduced     0 Number of claims     100% On-time percentage


A global retailer launched a high-end pop-up product display for thousands of stores across the United States.


The retailer needed the new displays to arrive in time to meet product launch goals in coordination with install crews. Because of the round-the-clock traffic at the company’s loading docks, it was vital that trucks arrived within a precise window of time to ensure schedules flowed flawlessly.

Merchandising and it's Role in Retail

Merchandising plays a critical role in the success of any retail business. It directly impacts a customer’s decision to buy a product by putting them closer to the purchase decision. Shop Association says even in the online shopping era, more than 90 percent of U.S. retail sales come from brick-and-mortar stores, meaning merchandising is still important for two key reasons:

  1. Appeals to customers: Good merchandising makes shopping easier for customers. It takes the hassle
    out of shopping and creates loyalty because they know they can find a specific product at that location.
  2. Improves profitability: Merchandising can increase sales per customer by promoting add-on sales like impulse displays at the checkout counter.

End Goal: Help Increase Sales

The leading retailer’s goal was to increase sales on a very specific product - leading to a nationwide rollout over the course of several weeks. Because the product displays were high-end, it was important to the retailer they arrived at the stores damage-free and within the rollout launch window.

The Challenge

ATS Puzzle IconThe leading retailer decided to launch a high-end pop-up product display in each of its thousands of stores in the United States. Since the displays were of high value, it was important to the customer they arrived to each store damage-free - so the less transloading, the better.

The vendor was located in Long Island and the retailer wanted the products to be distributed to their stores across the U.S. within a window of eight weeks - meaning they needed a carrier who had the capability to flex to their rapidly growing delivery needs.


ATS execution iconATS considered several transit options for executing the project. With the extreme sensitivity of the delivery schedule and the need to eliminate damage claims for the high-end fixtures, ATS multi-stop delivery was the clear answer.

The tight deadline also put stress on the vendor to ensure the displays were ready in time. ATS made sure to think about that when planning for the project so all parties were communicating clearly and working cohesively.

To execute, ATS dropped trailers at the shipper’s location for preloading to assist with staging. They then ran a limited number of dedicated trucks from the shipper’s facility on Long Island - a difficult place to get trucks in and out of - to a switchyard in New Jersey, ensuring consistent and on-time pickup. The switchyard was exclusively used to switch trucks pulling the trailers, so the freight never left the trailer it was loaded on in Long Island until it reached its final destination. Each load was planned, stop-by-stop, using proprietary routing software to provide seamless updates and routes to both the shipper and the customer.

From the New Jersey facility, ATS trucks took the freight straight to the retail locations with each truck stopping at multiple locations. That meant once the product was loaded onto the trailer, it remained in place with no additional handling until reaching its destination. This was key in eliminating the risk of damage.

ATS utilized proprietary technology developed in-house to plan the most efficient routes - saving the customer money on unnecessary miles. The technology also allowed the customer to track their shipments 24/7 - including integration with their EDI systems.

"We have a long history of providing our customers a cost-competitive solution while executing on our promises. This is another example of our capability to flex to whatever needs our customers have - big or small."

– Mike Omann, Business Development Director, ATS, Inc. (Vans)


ATS Results iconATS was able to execute the project in a way that met the customer’s demands and exceeded their expectations - with zero claims and one-hundred percent on-time delivery. ATS’ centralized dispatch, in-house routing teams and advanced technology allowed the customer to stay in the know at all hours of the day and access their important documents on their time.

  • Number of shipments: 4,000
  • Peak Capacity: 650 store deliveries in 1 week
  • Coverage: 48 States
  • On-time percentage: 100%
  • Number of claims: 0

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