Overcoming Challenges to Deliver Time-Sensitive Cargo Early

Unique challenges presented by a global pandemic didn’t stop an international freight forwarder from delivering time-sensitive cargo on time.

The Challenge

A global supplier of oilseed extraction technology was looking to transport six large grain extractors from Malaysia to Mississippi and had a hard deadline for when the shipments needed to arrive at the final destination to avoid any delays.

While time sensitivity can be challenging when shipping globally during normal circumstances, it was even more challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

From hard-to-find vessel capacity throughout the world to extremely limited inland capacity once the cargo arrived in the U.S., they needed an international freight forwarder with strong relationships across the globe to ensure seamless transportation.

Established Relationships Help Ensure Port Work Went Off Without a Hitch

The relationship between the supplier and ATS International dates back to ATS International’s inception in the early 1990s — and with Anderson Trucking Service’s (ATS) domestic side of the business before that.

Component-in-PortUnderstanding ATS International’s expertise moving out-of-gauge (OOG) cargo, the global supplier decided they were the best fit for this particular project.

The six pieces headed for the U.S. were all OOG, weighing up to 50,000 pounds. The largest pieces were as much as 18 feet, six inches long and wide and were as tall as 13 feet, nine inches.

Work began for ATS International at Port Klang in Malaysia, where their long-time Malaysian partner managed all of the port services needs. They oversaw the loading of the six pieces onto a part charter breakbulk vessel.

The extractors set sail on June 26, giving them just over two months to arrive at their final destination.

In-House Teams Collaborate to Seamlessly Execute U.S. Transport

Once the part-charter vessel arrived to the Port of Brownsville, ATS International had six company-owned trucks paired with multi-axle removable gooseneck (RGN) trailers staged there.

Component-on-Trailer_1The loads then made the nearly 900-mile journey to their final destination in Greenwood, Mississippi. While it sounds simple, the over-dimensional loads required additional route planning and permits to legally make the trek.

Once again, the challenges were magnified due to the pandemic. Not only was finding inland capacity difficult, to begin with, but it was also challenging to find six of the same types of heavy hauling equipment in the same place at the same time. Having direct control over the company-owned capacity allowed ATS and ATS International to collaborate and find a solution.

Beyond that, finding pilot car and police escorts proved to be challenging as well. Like trucking capacity, pilot car drivers weren’t traveling as much due to the unknowns brought on by the pandemic. Police agencies were also shifting their resources to focus on other priorities while trucking demand slowed down at the onset of the pandemic.

ATS’ in-house resources have spent decades establishing relationships with various state agencies — including state permitting departments — which allowed them to secure the proper paperwork and escorts in time to prevent any delays. ATS is also home to an in-house pilot car service provider, which helped streamline the process to find escorts.

Final Delivery With Time to Spare

Thanks to well-established partnerships abroad and in-house teams domestically — and clear communication along the entire journey — ATS International was able to deliver by the predetermined deadline. In fact, with the six extractors arriving on August 21, they did so with more than two weeks to spare.

About ATS International

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