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Heavy Haul

Heavy-haul transport isn’t easy, and it isn’t for everyone. Yet over 150 of our highly trained drivers capably handle 7 axles – up to 24 axles setups and loads in excess of 360,000 pounds.

Over-weight shipments, commonly referred to as heavy haul, require careful planning to ensure safe, on-time delivery. For more than 60 years ATS Heavy Haul has been providing our clients with the best in heavy haul and heavy equipment transportation.

Heavy haul trucking demands attention to details, it is important to work with a trucking company accustomed to working with heavy haul requirements including permits, safety and equipment.

ATS customers have unusually high expectations and we like that. It inspires us to achieve their goals; it motivates us to overcome challenges, big and small; and it drives us to success.

That’s what it takes to own the largest 7+ axle fleet covering North America. That, and over 60 years transporting oversize, over-dimension freight over the road. Last year, in fact, we had 11,000 loads in excess of 55,000 pounds.

ATS Heavy Haul 24 Axle Dual Lane Trailer Hits The Road (View Video)

But hauling isn’t just the only hard part. It’s securing the permitted route, removing the obstacles and, literally, stopping traffic. We make it happen with in-house permitting, qualified escorts, and expert project managers who after years of making it right, make it seem like no big deal.

Types of Freight

Whether it’s 33 loads of crane components winding through Los Angeles, or a 180,000-pound pump house that demanded 15 state permits, six bucket trucks and 30 utility companies on its trek to Edmonton, we confidently tackle any types of freight.

  • Construction and Agricultural Equipment
  • Cranes
  • Energy Components
  • Transformers
  • Oil and Gas Production Modules
  • Wind Turbines, Towers and Blades
  • Mining Equipment
  • Chillers and Rotors
  • Pressure and Ethanol Vessels
  • Boilers
  • Storage Tanks
  • Virtually Anything We Can Get on a Trailer





When you’re hauling up to 360,000-pound load over a mountain pass, you have to be on top of your game. Suffice it to say, we take care of every detail and, more importantly, we take every precaution. We are a safety company, not merely a transportation company. We consistently win (2009 -2104) the Great West Risk Management’s PLATINUM AWARD FOR SAFETY AND OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE and we operate under these rules and guidelines:

Safety is a complete understanding of the task at hand
and the knowledge of every step that must be taken.
Safety is good judgment, sound preparation for unexpected situations,
the ability to be alert in the midst of routine, and an unwillingness to rely on luck.

Safety is consideration for the family that needs you,
the company that employs you, the customers who depend on you, and you yourself.

Safety isn’t a “one and done” thought process;
it’s following the rules every single second on the job.