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Heavy Haul

Our team of Heavy Haul Specialists thrives on complexity. When you come to us with a transportation challenge – whether it be in density, dimension, destination, or all three – we are ready and willing to find innovative solutions. We work with you to understand your exact needs and apply our decades of field experience to achieve your goal. We engineer our equipment to match your needs, procure the necessary permits and escorts through in-house departments, and assign our most skilled drivers to guide your project to a safe success.

For massive loads or unique needs, call 1-800-MEET-ATS.


Advantages of Heavy Haul service from ATS:
• We will work with you to find out if a solution can be implemented, and take care of the details for you.
• Necessary permits and escorts are supplied by our own in-house experts—not outsourced.
• Fully-compliant with interstate transport regulations, with a first-name, good-standing reputation among state officials.
• Our unique driver class system ensures superior quality and safety.
• Projects are pre-calculated, with on-site route validation and dedicated service teams analyzing every precaution.
• Swift reaction and adaption to situation variables, backed by 60 years of business longevity.
• Our Heavy Haul trailers go up to 24 axles.
• We’re capable of moving loads with extreme dimensions and weights up to 360,000 pounds.

Watch our 24 Axle Dual Lane Trailer hit the road

Planning & Type of Freight

  • Construction and Agricultural Equipment
  • Cranes
  • Energy Components
  • Transformers
  • Oil and Gas Production Modules
  • Wind Turbines, Towers and Blades
  • Mining Equipment
  • Chillers and Rotors
  • Pressure and Ethanol Vessels
  • Boilers
  • Storage Tanks
  • Virtually Anything We Can Get on a Trailer


Multiple Axle High Tonnage Double DropSchnable with Steerable Dolly19-axle-1200px9-13-axle-900px

Associations & Certifications

Safety Measurements & Awards

We’re a safety-driven transportation company, and are recognized for this commitment year after year. Our personally-trained drivers share this same dedication. Read about our Million Mile Driver club here. ATS’ pledge to safety: Safety is a complete understanding of the task at hand and the knowledge of every step that must be taken. Safety is good judgment, sound preparation for unexpected situations, the ability to be alert in the midst of routine, and unwillingness to rely on luck. Safety is consideration for the family that needs you, the customers who depend on you, the company that you are contracted or employed with, and you yourself. Safety is not a “one and done” thought process; it’s following the rules every single second, on every single job.

Drive for the best. Drive for ATS.

No trucking company is the perfect fit for every driver, but for the right driver, ATS is a forever home. If you have specialized or flatbed driving experience, and a passion for excellence, safety, and the challenges of hauling over-dimensional freight, we want you on the ATS team! Whether you want to haul construction equipment, superloads, wind projects, or other heavy haul freight, Anderson Trucking Service has the opportunity and support for over-the-road drivers. Drive for the best in the business, Drive 4 ATS. APPLY NOW