Multi-Stop, Full-Truckload Solution Ships Thousands of Displays in 8 Days

How One Major Retailer Leveraged Their Transportation Partner to Roll Out a Project With More Than 2,700 Nationwide Deliveries in Less Than 10 Days.

A major retailer needed to ship display fixtures to thousands of stores across the United States to support a product rollout. They were looking for a reliable shipping partner that could execute the massive project in a short amount of time — damage-free and cost-effectively.

Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) provided a timely solution and superior service, making the complex project feel simple.

The Challenge

The retailer needed the fixtures to arrive at each store damage-free and within a short period of time to support a national product launch — so the less transloading, the better. Even more challenging was finding a carrier that had the capacity to handle the number of fixtures being shipped to so many locations.

Capacity & Coordination Keep the Large Project on Schedule

The retailer didn't care what the solution looked like, as long as it was competitively priced, the fixtures arrived undamaged and the shipments arrived on schedule.

ATS’ strategically coordinated, multi-stop full-truckload shipping was the solution to the retailer’s needs. This service allowed for efficient, timely deliveries and reduced the likelihood of products being damaged in transit.

ATS full truckload solution

It only took eight days for 40 ATS Drivers and 40 brokered carriers to complete this large, complex project.

USA Mapped trucking routes

“There aren't a lot of providers that can execute that in the market,” said ATS Director of Business Development Mike Omann. “If you approach 80–90 percent of the carriers, they’re going to say, ‘There’s no way we can do that.’ Having the asset resources is a key factor because we’re able to quickly adapt and position equipment. We’re built to execute this type of freight. It’s something that we’ve done for years and we really know how to react to it.”

A Retail Shipping Solution That Met Demanding Deadlines & Exceeded Expectations

Four key components came together to ensure the display fixtures were delivered damage-free and on time.

1. Coordinated, Multi-Stop Full-Truckload Delivery

ATS used proprietary multi-stop routing technology to identify the most direct, least costly routes. This allowed the ability to load several stops/deliveries on one full truckload in sequential order. Once the products were loaded onto the trailer, they remained in place with no additional handling until reaching its destination, which prevented the freight from getting damaged.

Because most carriers are unable to offer this type of multi-stop delivery, they will need to handle the freight two, three, four times depending on their network. When additional handling is necessary, in addition to the increased risk of damage, the shipper loses visibility to where the package is to some degree because it doesn’t stay on the truck.

ATS Solution vs Typical LTL Solution

2. One-of-a-Kind Track/Trace Technology

ATS track-and-trace technology is very straightforward, allowing the retailer to see exactly when each load is going to arrive and upon delivery, what time it arrived in real-time.

ATS integrated the technology into the customer’s system so they could track project shipments 24/7.

3. Driver Buy-In

Drivers like to drive, which is why most carriers shy away from high, multi-stop loads. 

A Driver has to be willing to make 50 stops. Most don’t want to do three. Getting Driver buy-in for high, multi-stop loads is an extreme challenge for any provider. ATS motivates its Drivers to want to execute this freight.

One of the reasons these Drivers were so willing to execute these shipments is because of the partnership and trust they have in ATS. They also appreciate how ATS clearly communicates project freight expectations. 

“We have the ability to flex up and flex down with projects because of our network and our makeup,” Omann said. “On the partner side, we have partners that have hauled with us for a number of years. When we need to lean on them, they’re willing to react and support us.”

4. Rapid, Seamless Collaboration Across Multiple ATS Teams

A cross-departmental team of in-house experts worked together to coordinate a response within 24 hours. ATS' customer service team was also immediately engaged and ensured the customer received clear communication from planning through final delivery.

The Results

Despite the retailer’s tight deadline — requiring completion in just eight days —  the project was finished on time and without damage to any of the fixture loads. This was made possible by quickly utilizing the right mix of ATS assets and preferred brokered carrier connections.

In order to ensure a successful rollout for the retailer, each of the carrier partners was chosen based on their previous successes with similar projects. In order to be selected, each partner needed to have zero claims and a 99-percent history of delivering on time.

“We’ve built a good reputation with the customer on executing projects just like this. They’re very familiar with what we offer,” Omann said. “They know that they’re going to get flawless execution, follow-through and elite-level service.”

In addition to assets and carrier relationships, ATS’ centralized dispatch, in-house routing teams and advanced technology allowed the customer to stay informed at all hours of the day. The retailer went on to engage in two additional projects of even greater size with ATS that same quarter.

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