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Supply Chain Management Logistics

Supply Chain Management Logistics

Supply chain management logistics involves a wide variety of management, transportation and reporting tasks. At ATS Logistics Services, we use our 22 years of experience in the logistics industry to provide supply chain management solutions for all types of companies.

Utilizing ATS Logistics Services for Your Supply Chain Management Logistics

At ATS, our approach to logistics involves taking responsibility for all resources and technologies in your supply chain management system. To do this, we operate under four separate operating divisions. First, our truck brokerage division manages a network of over 30,000 carriers so that we can find the right truck at the right time for your supply chain management logistics. Second, our transportation management division offers such comprehensive services as load optimization and tendering, warehousing, tracking and tracing, freight bill auditing and payment.

To ensure the financial success of your supply chain management system, our brokerage agents provide state-of-the-art technologies to offer administrative support, financial backing and name recognition. Finally, our pilot car service division is the ideal supply chain management solution for escorting oversized or heavy haul freight to its destination. These four divisions work closely together to ensure that your supply chain management system runs smoothly, and that your company will see a genuine savings when it comes to freight costs. Best of all, you’ll only have to deal with a single contact at our centralized customer service facility.

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