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Oversize Shipping to Hawaii

Oversize Shipping to Hawaii

Oversize shipping to Hawaii cannot be handled using just any shipping company. It requires the skills and experience of a specialist shipper that is equipped to load and ship cargoes that are larger than normal. ATS Maritime is just such a shipping company, and as a division of Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. (ATS) we have the backing and all the expertise of one of America’s top trucking firms.

We can handle your oversize shipping to Hawaii, no matter how heavy or bulky it is. Ask us to ship a massive transformer and we can do it. Many firms believe that a full standard shipping container is a large load. Here at Anderson Trucking, a large load is a Jumbo Jet – well maybe not, but not far off it.

Door to Door Shipping with ATS

If you have goods to be collected from your depot and delivered to an overseas destination, then you want the same company to be involved throughout the entire process. It is easier all round for you to have the one haulage company handle the inland collection, the overseas shipping and the delivery to your ultimate destination.

It is irrelevant to us whether that destination is your customer or another branch of your company. We collect and deliver with the same rapid efficiency that has led to Anderson Trucking Service and ATS Maritime being respected, not only by our clients, but also by our competitors.

You deserve the best possible service, and we continually strive to improve. It is this process of continuous improvement that has made Anderson Trucking Service and ATS Maritime the go-to firm for heavy and oversize shipping to Hawaii and any other destination – inland or overseas.

Oversize Shipping to Hawaii

Hawaii lies in an ideal geographical situation for wind turbines, and the size of the turbine blades means that only a specialist haulage company such as ATS Maritime can handle them by road and by sea. Here at ATS, we are proud of our safety record with large loads. We not only win safety awards, but we also apply our high safety standards to every single shipment, no matter how large or small.

We will not only get your oversize shipment to its destination on time, but we will do so safely and without damage. Our road crews are on top of their game, ready for unexpected situations and apply our rules every second of every job. We can ship door-to-door, no matter where the pick-up is or where it has to be delivered.

ATS Has NVOCC Status

NVOCC status refers to Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier status. What this means is that we can select the most suitable supply chain companies and vessels for the items you are shipping. NVOCC Status means that we are able to provide you with the best prices for your load, and also with the highest levels of security and safety – often higher than you could be provide with by non-NVOCC compliant firms.

This status enables us to access the most appropriate loading and unloading services and to charter the most appropriate vessels to handle your load. This level of status is extremely important if you have very heavy or oversize loads to collect or deliver. Then you need specialists in heavy or oversize haulage if you want to be sure of getting your cargo delivered intact and on time.

When it comes to the most awkward of loads to handle, then we are not only able to deal with them effectively, but can also offer this service at the lowest cost to you. Our 60 years of experience in oversize shipping to Hawaii or anywhere else in the world allows us to be aware of all the issues and problems that such deliveries by road or sea entails. Of these 60 years, 20 have been related to maritime haulage.

Oversize Cargo to Hawaii – What We Do

It is fundamentally a turnkey operation – you call us with your needs and we do the rest. You want a turbine delivered from Pennsylvania to Hawaii, then we do it all for you – collection, legals, delivery. You pay one bill for the entire operation, and have nothing to do other than provide us with the data needed for the permissions, licenses and other forms. We do the rest.

If you have any items to ship anywhere in the world, not only oversize shipping to Hawaii, then Anderson Trucking Service can handle it quickly, safely an on time through our ATS Maritime division. You can ship door-to-door with ATS with complete security.