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Vessel Chartering Services

Vessel Chartering Services

ATS vessel chartering services can charter vessels to handle your load, no matter how large, bulky or sensitive it is. ATS sea freight services can meet your needs, even if your load is abnormal or of unusual weight or dimensions.

Perhaps your destination will involve routes that are outside those served by standard shipping companies. It may be that you have a specific need for the transportation of a very large item that a normal freighter will refuse or be unable to carry. What do you do?

It’simple. Contact ATS International who have the resources to meet any unusual needs and carry any cargo, irrespective of its weight or dimensions. Our international service, ATS, will discuss the best charter solution for you. ATS can charter for routes outside the usual routes of regular international shipping companies. We can also handle loads that would not suit the normal convention for containerized or standard cargo on liner vessels.

Vessel Chartering Services: Potential Cargoes

If you have cargoes, such as those below, contact ATS International for advice on the sea freight services that we can provide. We will find the resources you need to handle and ship loads such as:

●  Irregularly shaped large items
●  Bulk cargo
●  Individual heavy lifts
●  Project freight
●  Full or part-vessel cargo
●  Time critical contracts

The last service in that list can included items that must be shipped within a specific time due a short shelf-life, or because delivery has been committed by a specific date or time. Here at ATS, we are well aware of the needs of our clients who use our vessel chartering services. Many have particular needs regarding the handling of their cargo, while for others it is a simple matter of dimension.

Custom Sea Freight Services

Our sea freight services include the facility to charter ocean-going vessels to transport your cargo anywhere in the world. We can offer a door-to-door service; from Wisconsin to an address in Beijing if you wish. ATS International looks after all the paperwork and customs clearances, but most of all, we can charter a vessel to carry your goods if it will not fit into a normal freighter.

If you have massive, heavy power plant equipment to ship, large cranes. Wind farm components or any other load that is very large and difficult to handle and transport, you can safely leave it in our hands. We will arrange the transportation from your premises to the recipient, even if that means chartering a specific vessel to carry it. ATSI acts as a free and independent vessel chartering broker.

What that means is that if we are unable ourselves to find a vessel able to carry your cargo, we shall contact ship owners to match the capabilities of the owner with the needs of your cargo. So whatever your needs are, we can meet them. We can do this either through our regular shippers or in the competitive market by chartering the most suitable vessel for your load.

Let us know when your next sea freight project is ready and available.

To find out more on our Vessel Chartering Services, call us at (866) 854-2747, or Email us using the links below:
Caribbean Sales
Hawaii Sales
International Sales