U.S. Offshore Trade Lanes

Reduce the risk of cargo damage with seamless no-transfer shipping options.

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Reduce the Risk of Damage When Freight Shipping to Puerto Rico, Hawaii & Alaska

Shipping your goods across the 48 contiguous states is usually a seamless process. Put your freight on one trailer and get it delivered on that same trailer. But, as soon as you have to transport your goods over water, things change.

Load it onto a trailer, bring it to the port, load it onto a different piece of equipment for ocean transport and load it — once again — onto a different trailer to get to its final destination. How often has that resulted in damaged cargo for you?

There should be a better solution.

Get seamless no-transfer shipping when moving your cargo to Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska when you partner with ATS International. You read that right. Load your freight on the trailer tailored to your freight needs and keep it on that trailer until it's delivered to one of these three key U.S. offshore trade lanes.

Flatbed trailer being loaded onto a roll-on/roll-off (Ro/Ro) vessel

Earn the Trust of Your Customers and Colleagues With a Dependable Freight Forwarder in Puerto Rico

Shipping to Puerto Rico is a key part of your business, but reliable international shipping partners in that lane are few and far between.

Gain access to established quality relationships with ports, vessel providers and other key entities when you partner with ATS International. Optimize your supply chain with the following service offerings:

  • 53-foot flat rack containers for additional shipping space
  • No-transfer service using our roll-on/roll-off shipping options
  • Breakbulk shipping for your over-dimensional and non-containerized cargo

Freight Shipping to Hawaii Made Easy



When you need to ship to Hawaii, it’s not like shipping within the other 49 states. Your options suddenly become limited with no way to drive a truck to any of the islands.

Coordinating an inland carrier for pre-carriage — or domestic — transport, then an ocean carrier for travel between the ports and finally a different carrier for final delivery on the island can be a hassle.

Get a complete, door-to-door, solution when you partner with ATS International. With one click or call, you can get seamless delivery from anywhere in North America to any Hawaiian island.

Plus, ask about our no-transfer shipping options — where you can leave your cargo on a company-owned trailer from pickup through final delivery.

Make Your Overseas Shipping Seamless

Optimize your supply chain by gaining access to established quality relationships with ports, vessel providers and other key entities when you partner with ATS International.
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Ferry pulling up to Fire Island to unload wind turbine components

Practical Solutions When You Need Freight Shipping to Alaska

You have freight that needs to ship to Alaska, but you don’t know the best way to get it there. We get it. You have options.

But which one is the best for you? By land or by sea?

Instead of worrying about making the wrong decision, utilize Anderson Trucking Service's (ATS) experience to find the safest and most cost-effective journey for your freight.

With thousands of company-owned trailers spread throughout North America, we can help safely deliver your freight via land.

If it's determined that shipping your cargo over water is best for you, our international shipping team can find the right vessel for your cargo, including no-transfer options that keep your cargo on one of our trailers from pickup through final delivery.

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