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    Find The Brokered Loads You Want Before Anyone Else

    It seems like every time you log in to your favorite load board, the load you wanted is already gone. You’ll be able to see truck loads available before they hit the public boards. You also won’t get burned by freight that looks available but has already been booked. This is because our board updates in real-time, so if you see a brokered load you want, you’ll know it’s available.

    Not a carrier with us yet? Become a brokered carrier now.

    ATS Logistics Services, Inc., is a full-service transportation brokerage and wholly-owned subsidiary of Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.

    Gain Access to Reliable Freight Now

    Before you go to a public load board, look at our brokered load list first. Find loads that update in real-time before they’re available publicly.

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