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    Vessel & Air Chartering

    Strong Relationships Mean the Right Air and Vessel Charter Agreements for You

    Air Charter

    Global shipping costs can add up when you’re being forced to pay for a full charter – even if you only need a part charter. ATS International has the right relationships to quickly find the vessel charter to fit your needs — big or small.

    When your cargo is too big or needs to be delivered at a specific time, liner service won’t cut it. Get your cargo shipped to whatever location you need at whatever time you need it delivered with vessel charter or air freight services from ATS. Just tell us how much space you need and we’ll handle it from there.

    Global Shipping Solutions That Fit Your Needs

    When you’re ready to move your next global shipment and require full or part charter service, look to a partner that has your needs in mind. ATS will find the right vessel on the right schedule for the most cost-effective journey.

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