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    Trucking Industry Safety Taken Seriously

    two men securing freight to a truck

    When it comes time to move your freight, it’s done so in a public space. If something unexpected happens, it’s often your logo on the side of the trailer or equipment — giving you a potential public relations nightmare. ATS works to eliminate these events from happening with our Safety Driven culture.

    Everything we do is with trucking safety in mind. That means we’ll protect your interests from the booking stage through final delivery — including in-house teams for securement training and verification, route planning and permitting. Our fleet has a regulatory in-service rate of 99.9 percent. That means your shipments are on the road instead of being held up at a scale or on the side of the road with a different compliance issue.

    Technology That Breeds Trucking Safety

    Today’s technology advancements can sometimes be considered a danger behind the wheel if used improperly. ATS uses the latest technology to keep our Drivers, your freight and the motoring public safe. From Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) to ensure Drivers aren’t on the road too long, to the Lytx® Driver Safety Suite that makes sure safe driving habits are consistently being performed, ATS has a history of putting safety at the forefront.

    A Transportation Partner With Your Interests in Mind

    When you’re ready to work with a transportation partner that has your best interests in mind, look no further than ATS. We practice and preach safety every day to make sure our Drivers, your freight and the motoring public are safe.

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