6 Ways To Find a Logistics Sales Job In Your Area [+ How to Choose]

Finding a job isn’t always easy, and finding a good one is even tougher. Some people spend their entire lives on a continuous job hunt, searching high and low for their next great opportunity yet struggling to find a solid fit in each role they try. 

With so much on the line and with so many industries, professions and companies to choose from, this isn’t really a surprise. The decision to dedicate such a vast portion of your life and daily energies to a single workplace shouldn’t be taken lightly. And, the angst you feel about choosing the next stepping stone in your journey is warranted. 

That said, you don’t need to put too much pressure on yourself; there are plenty of great employers out there with cultures centered around employee growth and work-life balance. These employers are looking for you. 

Here at Anderson Trucking Service (ATS), we’ve been one of the transportation industry’s premier employers since 1955. No company in this industry, or any others, sticks around for as long as we have without treating its employees right. 

For this reason, we know what you should look for in a transportation-industry employer and, for that matter, how you should go about finding one. 

By the end of this article, you’ll understand this too. The transportation world — and the business of logistics — offers massive growth opportunities and earning potential to the individuals willing to give it a try. 

So, if you’re interested in a career in this field — a career that can open a lot of doors that you maybe hadn’t even considered — we invite you to read on as we outline:

  • The six easiest ways to find a transportation-industry sales job in your area.
  • Four tried-and-true tactics for choosing the right job for you. 

With this information as your guide, you’ll be able to avoid the inconvenience and pain that taking a job with the wrong business — a business without the values you care about or the workplace quality you deserve — can cause. 

In turn, your experience as a sales professional in what can be an otherwise rewarding industry will be all the better for it. 

Let’s jump in. . .

The Top 6 Ways To Find a Logistics Sales Job In Your Area Are:

  1. Using referrals and networking.
  2. Browsing online job sites.
  3. Attending local career fairs.
  4. Checking company websites.
  5. Following companies on social media.
  6. Emailing local transportation businesses.

1. Use Referrals and Networking

Although the digital age is upon us and it’s never been easier to find the answers you seek at the touch of a button, word of mouth isn’t going anywhere. Leaning on the connections you have and the advice of people you trust is an excellent way to find a job in many industries. Transportation is no exception. 

As such, if you’re looking to secure your place in an industry that’s only becoming more vital to the world around it, consider reaching out to people who already have a spot in it. 

It doesn’t matter whether this person is a connection you’ve made on LinkedIn or someone who you interact with daily. Take the initial step, reach out to your connections and consider asking them for a referral. 

Don’t feel awkward; many companies offer employees a referral bonus for recommending any individual that ends up being hired by their recruiting team. 

Referrals and networking are common practices across industries, put it to work for you as you search for a transportation-focused career.

Transportation Industry Job Match Quiz

2. Browse Online Job Sites

This second tactic is kind of a “no brainer.” A vast majority of companies post their currently hiring positions — complete with a comprehensive description ​​— to internet job sites. 

You’ve likely utilized one of these on previous job search as these platforms make it easy to find positions with the exact criteria you’re looking for. 

Like any other business, logistics companies, like asset-based carriers, freight brokerages and 3PLs utilize these websites for their job postings all the time. 

Give websites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor and Monster Jobs a try. Filter by industry, position type, salary expectations (where applicable) and distance from home. Finally, upload your resume and let the offers roll in. 

3. Attend Local Career Fairs


In-person events like career fairs offer job seekers the opportunity to get acquainted with potential employers in a way that simply can’t be matched by asynchronous job-matching methods (i.e. internet job sites, social media, etc.). 

Typically, these events are held at locations that are accessible by both the individuals searching for their next opportunity and the employers with positions to fill. 

For your purposes, it’s likely that these fairs are regularly held at local community centers and/or nearby universities. Do some research on the dates of these events and plan to attend if possible.

Good transportation companies attend many career fairs in their major hiring areas to connect with local talent and promote their brand presence — you’ll probably find them there.

4. Check Company Websites

Good companies use their websites as a multi-tool. Instead of solely focusing on earning the business of prospective clients, these businesses dedicate a portion of their online ecosystems to promoting their open positions, outlining their company’s culture and offering places to submit employment applications. 

If there’s a transportation company you’re interested in working for, check out the careers section of their website for available openings. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. And, even if you’re not seeing the sales position you’re looking for, we’d still encourage you to submit your information. 

You never know, if something opens up in the future, you could be their first call. 

5. Follow Transportation Companies on Social Media


Although companies in the transportation world tend to be a bit behind the eight ball where social media adoption is concerned, its importance — particularly for recruiting purposes — isn’t lost on many of them. 

Put yourself in the know whenever special recruiting events happen and new sales positions open up by following them on social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. 

6. Email Local Transportation Businesses

This tactic for finding a sales job in logistics is one that many job seekers fail to consider: Reach out to them directly via email. This is a great way to indicate your interest in future opportunities to area companies. Ask them if there’s an open sales position and send them your resume to reference should one open up in the future. 

Emailing these companies gives you a direct line to their recruiting department and plants you as a top-of-mind job candidate, which is certainly worth the time it takes to write a quick email. 

How to Choose a Good Sales Job In Logistics

Now that you know how to find the sales job you’re hoping to win, your next step is vital: Make sure you pick the right one. Taking a job at a bad company happens to job seekers far too often. Even if these individuals were confident in their decision to start, many of them end up finding out that they just aren’t a match with their employer the hard way.

You’ll want to avoid this where you can. 

Luckily, selecting a transportation company that’ll make a good career home isn’t difficult as long as you do these four things:

  1. Ask about compensation and benefits.
  2. Take company values into account.
  3. Inquire about growth opportunities. 
  4. Trust your instincts.

1. Ask About Compensation and Benefits


Job satisfaction means different things to different people. For some, getting the opportunity to make an impact on the world around them drives their satisfaction. For others, enjoyment of the work they do is what gets them out of bed every morning. 

That said, how each of us is compensated for the value we bring to the table is far and away the largest factor weighing into our career enjoyment. 

As a sales professional in the transportation industry, you’ll likely be in a highly performance-based position, meaning that your performance directly impacts your earning potential. 

Still, it’s important that you ask prospective employers about the benefits you’ll receive and what your base salary (where applicable) will be. This information will help you gauge whether or not this job will fit your requirements and keep you satisfied lo

Does this employer offer a 401K match program or health savings accounts? What about paid maternity leave and paid time off? Do they offer education assistance or dental insurance? 

Jot down the benefits you need your company to provide before interviewing and don’t settle for anything less. 

2. Take Company Values Into Account

Every company has values and the best ones have specific steps for promoting them internally and externally. 

If you’re hoping to find a transportation company that will fit your needs well make sure that its corporate values align with yours. Better yet, ask each potential fit what they do to hold to the standards they’ve so easily set for themselves. Actions speak louder than words in a lot of situations, this is no exception. 

Tip: Find a company that’s involved in the community, offers programs to help employees succeed beyond the office and works to facilitate ethical transportation practices with every load they service. 


3. Inquire About Growth Opportunities

The beauty about nearly every sales role is that they come with heightened growth opportunities. Some of the largest logistics corporations have complex team-based ladders for salespeople that excel in their roles to climb. 

You deserve to work for a business that can offer you ample growth opportunities. Without them, your day-to-day efforts could begin to feel undervalued and spark resentment toward your company. Don’t fall into this pattern. 

Be certain to ask each interviewer you speak to about the growth opportunities associated with each role. Get a reading on the true potential for growth you’d be signing up for so you can decide whether this fits your needs.

4. Trust Your Instincts

This fourth, and final, job-selection tactic is the most important of all. When searching for a great new job nothing is more vital than trusting your instincts. This can come in many forms. Maybe you got a bad vibe from an answer your interviewer gave or felt uncomfortable with the compensation discussions you had. Whatever it may be, don’t brush these feelings off and accept a position anyway. 

Selling logistics solutions is difficult enough without resenting the job you hold. 

Instead, think long and hard about what your instincts are telling you. Is this job your absolute best fit? Do you want to commit the next portion of your life to this company?

There are plenty of great transportation companies out there that have sales positions just waiting to be filled. Trust your instincts, don’t just settle for the first position in your path. 

Anderson Trucking Service Is Hiring Now!

Here at ATS, we’re always looking to add great people to our rapidly-growing team. In a sales position with ATS you’ll have access to industry-leading expertise and a fun-loving team atmosphere comprised of people dedicated to helping you succeed. 

Although we recognize that ATS isn’t a good fit for every job seeker, we’re confident in our ability to make a positive impact on the right job seeker. 

If you’re interested in applying to one of our open positions, in locations scattered across the United States, check out our corporate careers page today for more information on what life at ATS looks like.

Finally, view our open positions here and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Brandon Croney

Written by Brandon Croney

Brandon's career with ATS Logistics began on April 1, 2019 — when he joined the Greenville, S.C. team as a national sales representative. The relationships Brandon has developed with colleagues and customers during his years in this role extend beyond the four walls of the ATS Greenville office as he works, together with his team, to provide transportation services to businesses spanning the United States.

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