[Video] A Day in the Life of a Business Development Manager at ATS

In this video,  Scott and Jim, two accomplished business development managers at ATS walk you through a day in their lives. Scott has been a valuable member of ATS since 2005, Jim joined ATS, Inc. (our dry van division) in 2018.

Their roles are incredibly dynamic and multifaceted, involving close collaboration with existing clients and seamless coordination with the operations team to efficiently manage and move freight. They are unwavering in their dedication to expanding the company's presence within client organizations and are skilled at building strong relationships and cultivating new connections.

Every day presents Scott and Jim with fresh challenges and exciting opportunities as they navigate through various meetings and provide innovative solutions for their drivers. They find great satisfaction in creating pathways for their drivers to thrive and offering top-notch solutions to their valued customers. One of the hurdles they face is the insulated nature of decision-makers in organizations, which makes prospecting a formidable task. However, their motivation remains as they continue to strive for new business and unlock doors of opportunity for their drivers.

If you're wondering about what becoming a business development representative (or working in the transportation industry) would look like for you, check out some of these related resources:

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Scott Kunkel

Written by Scott Kunkel

As a business development manager with ATS' heavy haul team, Scott works with many departments to ensure high-level service to all customers while executing critical shipments. He's always looking for new partners to assist with their over-dimensional freight needs while continuing to build long-lasting relationships with current clients.

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