[Video] Employee Benefits Packages 101

As an employee, understanding your benefits package is really important. Unfortunately, health, dental and vision insurance policies can be kind of complex. The same can be said of retirement benefits and paid-time-off policies.

In fact, it's not uncommon for employees to feel really overwhelmed when evaluating and, let's be honest, deciphering their employee benefits packages. You need to understand exactly what benefits you're receiving as an employee, and which ones you're not. 

In this video, you'll get an overview of what most benefits packages contain. So you know what to look for, we'll also explain the differences between key aspects of them. This isn't a comprehensive run-down though. You also need to read "Understanding Your Benefits Package: What to Look For and Consider" to round out your knowledge. 

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Keri Burrow

Written by Keri Burrow

Since 2004, Keri has been a vital piece of ATS' HR department, focusing primarily on the benefits, wellness and HR systems in place corporate-wide. Today, as a senior benefit analyst, Keri enjoys working alongside her team as they help new and existing employees get everything they want and need from a career with ATS.

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