[Video] Working From Home: Pros & Cons

As an employee, working from home can be a welcome benefit. This allows you to skip the commute, avoid distractions and feel a bit more comfortable while performing your duties. 

In many situations, working from home makes people more productive and improves work-life balance. On the other hand, remote work can make people feel lonely and disconnected.

There's also always a risk that you're overly distracted while working at home. At the end of the day, you need to find a work situation that works best for you and for your employer. Watch this video for an overview of the pros and cons (generally speaking) of working from home. And, if you have any questions about ATS' work-from-home policy, contact us here

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Nikki Dotzler

Written by Nikki Dotzler

After graduating college, Nikki began her professional career in radio ad sales before transitioning into a human resources role focused in employee benefits. She joined ATS in 2021, where she serves as a talent acquisition specialist. Nikki enjoys being able to help people change their lives by finding careers that allow them to make a difference while growing to their fullest potential.

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