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How a Leading Powersports Manufacturer's Potentially Stressful Cross-Border Exhibition Shipment Went Off Without a Hitch

While attending trade shows was nothing new for a leading Powersports manufacturer, exhibiting at one in Mexico was. With no firsthand experience transporting freight across the border and within Mexico, they’d heard horror stories about the inherent risks. More than anything, the manufacturer’s biggest concern was the risk of someone hijacking the trucks moving their freight.


Having worked with Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) in the past, Dominic B., OTD shipping coordinator with the Powersports manufacturer, made a call. He was quickly reassured that what they needed could be done.

“It was a really big project,” Dominic said. “Everything is always right when I use ATS.”

He needed four truckloads of Powersports equipment to get from the company’s facility in Denver to the trade show in Cancun — and back to Denver once the show ended. Because security and safety were top concerns for the manufacturer, ATS came up with a solution to solve both.

Route from Denver to Cancun

A Turnkey Solution

Cases inside dry van trailerPrior to the move, Dominic met with ATS’ Laredo Terminal Manager, Raul V. — who spends much of his time coordinating secure freight transportation across the U.S./Mexico border. That experience has built well-established relationships with trusted Mexican carriers — relationships that proved to be vital for the Powersports manufacturer. Raul worked alongside Dominic to coordinate smooth deliveries from Denver to Cancun and back.

ATS’ solution was using four company-owned trailers to pick up the equipment in Denver. Those four trailers would be the exact trailers that brought the equipment to the trade show in Cancun and back to Denver using ATS’ through-trailer service. With through-trailer service, freight is loaded and transported domestically in the United States to the border. At the Mexican border, power for the transport (the truck or ’tractor’) is swapped out for a Mexican carrier, while the same trailer continues on the journey to the destination in Mexico.

This service was ideal for this project because there was no need to transfer the load (transload) to another trailer, thereby minimizing the risk of damage and increasing security with fewer eyes on the freight. In order to maximize space for the transport, ATS utilized its enclosed van trailers fleet, which is 100 percent fitted with E-Track systems. This infrastructure enabled the manufacturer to create a double-deck vessel that could safely carry more of the Powersports equipment.

Trailers at loading dock of warehouse facilityOnce the trailers reached Laredo, the turnkey service provided by ATS stepped into action. About a week prior to the move, Mexican border agents informed the manufacturer any incoming shipments in vehicles outfitted with wood would need to be fumigated prior to crossing into Mexico. Experts at the Laredo terminal made the needed arrangements and were prepared to execute the fumigation in a timely manner.

With ATS being a C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certified carrier — working directly with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to strengthen international supply chains and improve U.S. border security — the partnership allowed for a clean handoff at the border. The trusted Mexican carrier hooked up to the ATS trailer in Laredo and pulled to the final destination in Cancun.

A security team accompanied the trailers from the border to Cancun and back. Security vehicles were placed in front and behind the convoy of trailers and agents were inside each truck with the Driver. Once onsite at the destination in Cancun, the manufacturer detained all four trailers for the duration of the show — 20 full days. During this time, the security team stayed and stood watch.

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Throughout the route to and from Cancun, Dominic had constant access to the load’s status and location using ATS’ advanced tracking technology. At the close of the show, the same process used to safely deliver to Cancun was used in reverse to safely return the equipment to its Denver home.

“Everything went perfectly,” Dominic said. “I was asking for something and they gave it to me beyond my expectations. I would love to have had ATS for all the trailers if I could.”

About ATS

ATS has been helping simplify cross-border shipping for decades. As a C-TPAT certified carrier, we strive to make moving freight across borders simple and seamless for you and to provide the highest level of security for your freight. With permit acquisition and interchange agreements done in-house, along with on-site supervision for securement, loading and unloading of your freight, you can rest assured your freight will be taken care of no matter where it’s headed — even beyond borders. ATS safely ships more than 5,900 loads to and from Mexico each year.

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