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ATS Maritime Shipping

No ocean too wide, no load too large.

It’s one thing to lift a power line out of the way of an oversized load. It’s quite another to tackle the ocean’s transportation services. And language barriers. And international export documents. And deliveries in countries some folks have never even heard of.
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Yet we transport 2.5 million tons of Roll-On/Roll-Off, Lift-On/Lift-Off, flatbed, over-dimensional, break-bulk, heavy-lift freight to and from Europe, the Caribbean, the Americas and within the Domestic Offshore trade lanes ever year. And because we own thousands of tractors and trailers, those Domestic offshore lanes like shipping to Puerto Rico and shipping to Hawaii include exclusive, door-to-door, no-transfer delivery.

It’s an unrivaled, seamless, single-point-of-contact service with five decades of performance, ensuring the biggest, hardest-to-move loads are shipped safely across the largest, most demanding expanses on earth. And you don’t have to go beyond your phone.


Roll-On/Roll-Off Services

No containers necessary. If you’ve got either legal or over-sized, unwieldy items that won’t fit into a regular, rectangular shipping container, our extensive specialized fleet of flatbed and multi-axle equipment will get them there. Which is why we’re known the world over for specialized global transportation.

What’s more, our experience in specialized trucking means door-to-door shipping throughout the Domestic Offshore trade lanes, as well as door-to-port and port-to-port delivery.

Our Maritime Services Include

  • Pickup and Delivery of Non-Containerized, Oversized and Heavy-Haul Loads
  • Import/Export Customs Clearance and Document Preparation
  • Onsite Supervision for Secure Loading and Unloading
  • Site and Road Surveys
  • Permit Acquisition
  • Crane and Rigging Services
  • Packing, Crating and Storage
  • Marine Insurance

Industries Served

  • EPCs
  • Power Plant and Alternative Energy Components (Wind Turbines, Solar, Bio-Mass, etc.)
  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Extraction Equipment
  • Plant Construction and Relocation Equipment
  • Mining Equipment and Materials
  • Utilities Materials (Water, Sanitation, Mass Transport, Communication, etc.)
  • Pure Manufacturing
  • Agricultural Equipment

Vessel Chartering

Vessel Chartering

We specialize in the specific. And by that we mean those things that aren’t usually covered by traditional liner service companies. So when you’ve got an uncommon route or unconventional cargo, we’ll charter tonnage virtually anywhere around the globe.

Our international shipping services also include independent vessel chartering brokerage we’ll find the vessel that meets your requirements no matter what you need to transport.

Charter Services

  • Bulk Cargo
  • Project Freight
  • Individual Heavy Lifts
  • Full- and Part-Vessel Cargo
  • Voyage and Time-Critical Contracts
  • Power Plant Equipment
  • New Building Project Freight
  • Wind Power Components
  • Cranes and Specialty Equipment

Intermodal Shipping

Intermodal Shipping

It isn’t just the mode of transportation that matters whether truck, rail, air or ocean-going vessel it’s the ability to determine what’s going to work best. For you. For your cargo. That comes from decades of experience and unmatched industry know–how. And that comes from us.

From supplying equipment for the Alaska Pipeline in the ’70s, to managing mountainous wind projects today, ATS has proven its ability to customize and combine global transportation services.



Assets are our advantage. When it comes to door-to-door international shipping, we offer the largest fleets of tractors, flatbeds, and multi-axle trailers. Plus drivers with miles under their belts and legendary hauls in their log-book saving time and protecting cargo with secure roll-on/roll-off services.



  • Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association
  • German Freight Forwarders Association
  • Bremen Freight Forwarders Association
  • Hawaii Transportation Association
  • Transportation Club of Jacksonville, Florida
  • The International Propeller Club of the United States