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Breakbulk Shipping Services

Breakbulk shipping refers to the transportation of items that do not fit into a full container. These may be individual items that are larger parts of a container, and need separated at the destination port, or items too bulky to fit into a regular sized container. You might worry about how to ship such large items, or may have had bad experiences in the past. Don’t worry – we have been doing this for more than 20 years, with ATS Maritime you are in good hands.

At ATS Maritime, we provide trailers, flat rack and containers that can help solve any of your problems or concerns. But when your item is busting out of a containerized space, we are the fit for any item that will not fit a regular container. ATS has the experience in handling cargoes that cannot fit into shipping containers. We can meet need whether you are shipping to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Europe regardless of dimensions.

Wide Range of Breakbulk Shipping Services

In fact, here at ATS Maritime, we can handle any shipping orders to anywhere in the world, no matter how large your cargo might be. We offer a global transportation solutions for any cargo you have to deliver, and can offer a door-to-door service where this is possible. You can confidently work with ATS Maritime as your sole shipping company anywhere in the world for any type of cargo, no matter how awkward that may be to handle.

We will not only ship your breakbulk cargo, but also pack and crate it, and provide rigging where necessary. ATS has a wealth of experience in handling awkward loads both within the USA and internationally. We have crated and shipped boilers, generators and offshore wind farm blades. We have also transported delicate items such as scientific instrumentation and antique porcelain. No cargo is too small or too large for us.

Personal Supervision and Marine Insurance Protection

If you would feel more comfortable having an experienced and trained person overseeing the loading of your sensitive cargo onto the ship, we can provide that service. We can also provide you with the risk protection of marine insurance that protects your company from financial loss.

Our breakbulk shipping services at ATS include full documentation of your cargo, along with any special permits you will require. Basically, we can offer a full transportation service, door to door, and all you need do is to place your order and we do the rest. You simply wait for the delivery confirmation. We assess your load, and use the best delivery method we feel appropriate.

Not only can we offer road and sea freight, but we can also ship your cargo by air if that is what you prefer or is required by your deadlines. To us, breakbulk load shipping is no more difficult than domestic shipping. ATS Maritime has the resources to ship your cargo worldwide, and you will find it just as easy to achieve as shipping to the next state.

To learn more about ATS Maritime shipping services, call us at (866) 854-2747, or Email us using the links below:
Caribbean Sales
Hawaii Sales
International Sales