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Cargo Shipping Containers And Freight Services

Cargo Shipping Containers And Freight Services

Cargo shipping containers are a very important aspect of the ATS Maritime menu of freight services. When you have a full container load of freight to ship overseas, ATS can offer the most appropriate and cost-effective sea freight service for the vast majority of container dimensions.

Not all overseas shipping containers are the same size, and many shipping services can offer only a limited option of such dimensions. Here at ATS, we can offer a complete container service providing all the common container sizes and most of those that are of irregular dimensions. Whether you have just one container or several containers to ship overseas, we can offer a service that is just as easy for you to arrange as an inland domestic shipment.

ATS Sea Freight Services

Although breakbulk and over-dimensional freight were our original strengths, we recognized the fact that our customers would be seeking a wide range of transportation services, both inland and overseas. For that reason, we are now able to offer a full range of trucking services, including sea freight involving single or multiple containers of varying sizes.

If you have a cargo to ship overseas, no matter where in the world you are sending it, ATS can meet your needs. We can ship your containers overseas just as easily as trucking to destinations anywhere in North America.

Cargo Shipping Container Services

As with our inland shipping services, ATS offers a complete delivery service of cargo shipping containers from your premises to anywhere in the world, with minimum bother to you. We will select the best shipping company for your needs, look after all the paperwork including customs clearances, and deliver door to door from your premises to those of your customer’s whether in Melbourne or Madras. We can achieve all of this on a single source bill of lading saving you a great deal of time and hard cash.

It is best to deal with the same international carrier for transportation of cargo shipping containers from your depot to its final destination. By doing that, you can avoid all the issues involved in transferring loads from one company to another and all the paperwork involved there. Things can go wrong with multiple carriers, and using just the one offers the peace of mind that the entire operation is in the hands of a single experienced professional company.