There's No Such Thing as "Too Big to Haul"

How Innovation Helped Conquer The Impossible

Two heavy haul truck being loaded at facilityWhen one of the largest heavy lift companies in the United States called requesting transportation service for two massive steam dryers, ATS reacted quickly to facilitate the move. Initially quoted at 20 feet 6 inches wide with a combined weight of more than 250,000 pounds, the dryers needed to travel nearly 2,000 miles from the manufacturer in Utah to the final installation site in Alabama.

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Innovation in Action

From the first contact, the ATS Specialized team worked with on-site equipment, operations, permit and route planning specialists, along with state permit and local law enforcement contacts to determine the best route for this extraordinary shipment. The cultivation of longstanding relationships with these offices streamlined the creation of a viable route option, providing accurate transportation costs for the customer early in the project.

To ensure feasibility, ATS surveyors drove the entire route in advance of the move, noting areas of concern to assure the safe and expedient transportation of the dryers from manufacturer to final destination. After the course was surveyed and approved, it was determined the dryers would have to be transported sideways to provide adequate load support, increasing the width from 20 feet 6 inches to 22 feet 6 inches. That required updated routes and state approval. Because of ATS’ meticulous planning, updated routes were available within days of notification of the cargo dimension changes.

Due to the enormous width of the load, police escorts were required in five of the seven states the dryers needed to travel through to reach their final destination. This additional need required the drivers to adhere to a strict schedule to ensure seamless transitions between law enforcement escorts.

"Everything about this move went extraordinarily well. The execution of the route plan by our specialized team was flawless. Even the weather was on our side, keeping the move on schedule and on budget for the customer."

– Ben Delong, director of ATS Heavy Haul


By leveraging more than 60 years in the transportation industry, ATS was a turnkey transportation solution for the customer, handling all aspects of the move in accordance with state and federal regulations from the first point of contact. Thanks to a vast transportation
network, longstanding relationships with state and regional law enforcement and permit offices and a commitment to customer success, this project was delivered safely and on schedule.