Which States Have Oversize Freight Restrictions on Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2023?

In 2023, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, previously known as Columbus Day, is Monday, October 9. (Coincidentally, that is also Thanksgiving Day in Canada.)

How does this holiday impact the trucking industry? As on most holidays, drivers are hard at work transporting goods across the country. Dry vans and standard flatbed loads are not impacted by the holiday.

However, in many states, October 9 is a government holiday. This means that some state employees will be enjoying a day off. Those states will have closures and additional restrictions for applying for an oversize freight permit or hauling oversize freight.

After 68 years in the trucking industry, Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) has dealt with holiday closures and restrictions in all 50 states. Our priority is safely hauling freight within established guidelines every day. 

Here is a list of states that have closures for Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Note: Each state’s Department of Transportation (DOT) website is always the best source of information regarding permitting requirements. 

Which States Have Over-Dimensional Freight Hauling Restrictions for Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples’ Day?




Permit Offices Closed


Permit Offices Closed


Permit Offices Closed


Permit Offices Closed


Any Restrictions Will Be Noted on Permit


Permit Offices Closed


Permit Offices Closed


Permit Offices Closed


Permit Offices Closed

New Hampshire

Travel Restricted

New York

Permit Offices Closed, Some Travel Restricted


Permit Offices Closed


How Can I Find a Full Schedule of State Permit Office Closures?


OSOW Travel Restrictions


See Alabama’s holiday restrictions calendar.


Read Arizona’s OSOW holiday legal guidelines


Check out Arkansas’ permit rules


Here is California’s full holiday travel information


Learn more about OSOW holiday travel in Colorado.


Visit the Connecticut OSOW holiday restrictions document.


See Delaware’s holiday travel restrictions webpage.


View all Florida holiday travel restrictions


Check out Georgia’s holiday restriction/closure dates.


Check out Idaho’s full permitting manual


Visit Illinois’ 2022 OSOW permitting rules


See Indiana’s OSOW permitting provisions document.


Check out Iowa’s general provisions for oversize load permits.


Visit Kansas’ motor carrier website.


View Kentucky’s OSOW resources.


Read Louisiana’s permit page


Visit Massachusetts’ OSOW permits page.


See all of Maryland’s holiday restrictions.


Check out the rest of Maine’s oversized freight holiday travel restrictions


View all of Michigan’s holiday travel restrictions and closings.


Visit Minnesota’s holiday travel restrictions webpage.


Read Mississippi’s permitting information


See Missouri’s OSOW regulations document


Montana’s holiday restrictions page can be found here.


View all of Nebraska’s observed holidays and their restrictions


See Nevada’s holiday travel restrictions

New Hampshire

View all of New Hampshire’s OSOW holiday travel restrictions.

New Jersey

Visit New Jersey’s permit webpage

New Mexico

Check out New Mexico’s OSOW rules and regulations

New York

See New York’s 2023 OSOW holiday travel resources.

North Carolina

Visit North Carolina’s OSOW permitting page. Download North Carolina’s holiday 2023 holiday closure schedule.

North Dakota

Check out North Dakota’s OSOW permit pages.


Here is Ohio’s holiday restrictions webpage


View Oklahoma’s permitting laws.


Check out all of Oregon’s 2023 OD holiday permit rules


View Pennsylvania’s 2023 holiday OSOW travel restrictions

Rhode Island

See Rhode Island’s OSOW webpage.  

South Carolina

View South Carolina’s 2023 holiday travel schedule

South Dakota

Learn more about OSOW shipping in South Dakota.


View Tennesee’s 2023 holiday restrictions calendar


View Texas’ holiday restrictions.


Visit Utah’s motor carrier size and weight rules.


View Vermont’s full oversize/overweight rules.


See Virginia’s hauling permit manual


View Washington’s state commercial vehicle guidelines

West Virginia

Check out West Virginia’s holiday travel restrictions


Wisconsin’s 2023 holiday travel restrictions chart can be found here


See Wyoming’s permit resources webpage


Note: permits are required for each state you will be driving through with over-dimensional freight. No matter the origin or destination points of your oversize load, plan ahead to obtain a permit for any of these states. 

What Are Oversize Freight Travel Restrictions? 

Oversize/overweight (OSOW) freight, which exceeds legal load limits in one or more dimension, requires a permit in each jurisdiction it passes through. Passes must be obtained before traveling through each state to avoid additional fines and delays. 


Over-dimensional freight also requires special considerations for the route. For example, an overheight load may need a route that avoids certain bridges. Over-dimensional freight greater than a certain size is considered heavy haul, which means additional restrictions. 

If your load is over-dimensional in at least one dimension (length, width, height or weight), it will need permits. Cargo that is over-dimensional in more than one dimension does not require more than one permit per jurisdiction. 

Oversized Freight Hauling with a Transportation Partner

For regular oversize loads, the oversize freight permitting process can usually be completed within a few hours on the DOT website. Holiday hours may impact the time required to apply for and receive a permit. 

If you are new to shipping over-dimensional freight, an experienced broker or carrier will know the ins and outs of obtaining permits — including which jurisdictions have nighttime or holiday restrictions, how to obtain an escort vehicle if needed, and route planning services. 

An experienced carrier or broker may also be able to help you transport the load without permitting. Using a step-deck trailer, dividing the freight into multiple loads, transloading or using another creative solution might be options to keep the freight within legal limits. 

Another option for shipping remote freight is an oversize/overweight permit company. They will help you obtain needed permits on time, without the need for you to research requirements in each jurisdiction. 

How Holiday Closures Impact OSOW Freight Hauling

Planning ahead is always critical in the transportation industry. Variables like government holidays can complicate the logistics of your freight in ways you may not expect. 

Working with experienced brokers or carriers can streamline the permitting process and help navigate any hurdles. With the right research, support and understanding of the regulations, you can transport oversize loads safely and efficiently.

One way to prepare for OSOW shipping is with the Heavy Haul Carrier Selection Checklist. Download this free tool to find the best shipping partner for your unique needs. If you prefer to ask questions in person, contact ATS. Our experienced team is happy to help. 

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Joanna Jungels

Written by Joanna Jungels

Joanna Jungels began her career with ATS in 2005 as a Fleet Manager. Soon after, she was promoted to oversee and enhance a growing OS/OW permitting team which created a system to retain and output rules and requirements for both state and local entities. Today, Joanna regularly attends state transportation meetings, and currently serves as chair of the Permit Policy Committee at the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association, where she advocates for, and promotes the importance of, creating useful resources to better understand and increase awareness around the complexities of oversized freight. In her role at ATS, Joanna enjoys working with others to brainstorm, solve problems and learn new things while continually striving to improve the processes and resources available to ATS' customers.

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