[Podcast] Common Tactics For Protecting Open-Deck Freight During Transport: Overview and Comparison


Protecting cargo is top of mind for many companies. That said, ensuring freight arrives at its destination in good condition can sometimes be challenging on open-deck shipments which have external elements, like the weather, to contend with.

It’s not like you can avoid shipping these cargoes. So, what can you do to ensure your load is delivered damage-free? You’ve never been one to shrink from a challenge and even though open-deck shipments can get a bit complex, this doesn’t mean the quality of your products should suffer. 

But what can you do? 

In this episode of Beyond The Road, we’ll sit down with an experienced logistics professional to take an in-depth look at the most potent things you can do to keep your open-deck freight safe from A to B.

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • What Kind of Freight Is Commonly Moved on Open-Deck Trailers?
  • When and Why Is Freight Tarped?
  • What is Gift-Wrap Tarping?
  • Why Use a Conestoga Trailer Instead of Tarps?
  • When Should Shrink Wrap Be Used? 
  • When Should You Crate Cargo?
  • What is a Securement Plan and Why is it Important?
  • What Are V-Boards?
  • What About Beveled Dunnage?
  • What is Most Important For Keeping Open-Deck Freight Safe?

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Andrew Beckmann

Written by Andrew Beckmann

Andrew has been in operations since he started as an intern at ATS in 2012. He’s been managing operations teams since 2015 and now focuses on supporting the logistics offices outside of the St. Cloud, Minnesota corporate office.

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