[Podcast] June 2024 Transportation Industry Update and Forecast


There's no rest for the weary in the trucking industry: As we emerge from Blitz Week 2024,  shippers and transportation providers are launched headlong into Memorial Day Weekend . . . and construction season. . . and produce season . . . and the Fourth of July holiday . . .  

Needless to say, we have a lot to talk about in this episode of Beyond the Road.

We sit down with Eric, Mike and Dean from ATS Logistics to discuss June 2024 and the summer months ahead. After a quick recap of Blitz Week, we dive into all of the above and more, from capacity expectations over holidays to the effect of back-to-school season on the freight industry. 

Buckle in for a jam-packed episode, shippers - and happy Memorial Day!

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Blitz Week 2024 Recap
  • Construction Season Expectations
  • Produce Season Capacity Crunch & Back-to-School Freight
  • Fourth of July 2024 for Shippers: What to Know & How to Prepare
  • End-of-Quarter Uptick & Warehousing 
  • What's On Freight Brokers' Minds in June 2024?

Tags: Seasonality, Monthly Updates, Podcast, Market Update

Eric Metso

Written by Eric Metso

Eric has been a sales manager with ATS Logistics since 2018 — when he helped create a new sales team from scratch. In his role, he supports his team as they develop their book of business and create new partnerships. Eric joined ATS in 2013 as a sales representative for ATS Logistics. He was also a sales member with ATS’ Vans division before coming back to ATS Logistics in his current role.

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