[Podcast] The Trucking Industry in June 2022 (Trends to Note and Tips For Planing)


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June is interesting for the transportation industry; household goods season kicks off, construction projects commence and supply chain activities across industries ramp up.

In this episode of Beyond The Road, Eric outlines some of the things shippers and logistics managers should think about when planning out their shipments during June. By prioritizing trailer type flexibility and maintaining a solid network of carrier partnerships, June's 30 days shouldn't be too challenging.

Here are the things you should keep in mind when arranging transportation in June:

  • Household goods season, tightening dry van capacities
  • Construction and agriculture machinery transportation
  • Produce season kicks off in the South/Southeast
  • Frost laws are gone across the northern U.S.
  • Memorial day and the Fourth of July will be disruptive
  • Avoid short-mile loads over the holiday weekends. 

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Eric Metso

Written by Eric Metso

Eric has been a sales manager with ATS Logistics since 2018 — when he helped create a new sales team from scratch. In his role, he supports his team as they develop their book of business and create new partnerships. Eric joined ATS in 2013 as a sales representative for ATS Logistics. He was also a sales member with ATS’ Vans division before coming back to ATS Logistics in his current role.

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