[Podcast] Unpacking Your Open-Deck Freight Rates With the Help of a Transportation Pricing Analyst


Open-deck freight shipping using flatbed, step-deck and double-drop trailers, though an intricate process, shouldn't break the bank. You have a transportation budget to stick to and rigid freight requirements.

That is why you can't afford to overpay for your open-deck shipment unnecessarily. However, with so many factors influencing the spot rates you receive, it can be difficult to budget for this expense.

What rate per mile (RPM) should you expect for your next shipment? How much will this vary and what makes it do so?

You should never be left with these kinds of questions unanswered. In this episode of Beyond the Road, let’s speak to a transportation-industry pricing expert and go over the major factors that together determine open-deck freight rates and the things he thinks about when pricing open-deck loads.

In this episode we cover:

  • What the typical price per mile for open-deck transport are and how this has changed over time
  • The major factors driving open-deck freight rates:
    • The shipment's specifics
    • The equipment-type needed
    • The shipment's origin/destination
    • The load's length of haul
    • The urgency of the load
    • Accessorial charges
    • Weather conditions
  • Tips for getting the most accurate spot quotes possible

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Reid Eggen

Written by Reid Eggen

Reid is the corporate pricing manager for Anderson Trucking Service. Reid and his team specialize in utilizing data analytics that revolve around transportation costs and future pricing strategies. With the goal of implementing innovative approaches that bring data analytics to the fast-paced transportation industry, Reid's team constantly strives to create lasting, company-wide improvements to provide sound and effective freight pricing to ATS' customers across industries.

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