[Podcast] What Happens to The Trucking Industry Leading Up to and During National Holidays?


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Why does moving freight around a national holiday get more difficult? Has it always been that way? Most importantly, is paying more to move your cargo unavoidable in these situations?

These are the question we’ll seek to answer in this episode of Beyond the Road.

Jordan Sandstrom joins us today to talk all about the transportation industry over national holiday periods. Among other things, information covered in this episode includes:

  • What happens to the transportation industry in the days leading up to National Holidays.
  • How long this disruption lasts. 
  • The holidays that are most disruptive.
  • What you can do to ensure success on your shipments over these periods. 

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Jordan Sandstrom

Written by Jordan Sandstrom

Jordan has been with ATS for over four years. Following a year of success and growth as a national sales representative with ATS Logistics, Jordan moved into his current as a logistics sales team manager. Jordan is dedicated to helping his budding sales team flourish as they strive to bring value to every customer's supply chain. In a complex industry, Jordan is always willing to lend a helping hand and transportation expertise whenever his customers, or sales reps, need assistance.

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