[Video] Container Detention and Container Demurrage: What Are They?

If you're looking to get your goods shipped overseas, there are a few things you should know. The maritime transportation industry has a bunch of fees you might not be aware of, especially ones related to the services provided by port workers, like stevedores and longshoremen.

When it comes to shipping containerized goods, you'll want to be aware of two specific fees: container/chassis demurrage and container/chassis detention.

Sometimes people get these terms mixed up, and it doesn't help that detention is also a common trucking industry surcharge. Don't fret, we'll clear it all up for you.

To be a successful international shipper, there are a few things you need to understand. This includes your role in U.S. customs clearance, which documents will be used, how your rates are determined, and how to navigate the port-shipping processes. Demurrage and detention fall into the latter category, so let's make sure you understand what these terms mean.

Check out the article on this topic: Container Demurrage vs. Container Detention: What's The Difference? 

Here are a few more international-shipping resources:

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Carl Verdon

Written by Carl Verdon

Carl has been working for ATS International, in various capacities, for more than 13 years. During this time, Carl's dedication to maintaining industry-leading service levels has helped customers move cargos around the world and back again... hundreds of times over. Today, as a customer service and sales manager, Carl enjoys the unique challenge that each international shipment presents as he works with his team to promote the ATS name on a global scale.

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