[Video] Dry Van Vs. Reefer Trailers: Which is best for your freight?

The transportation world is full of unique equipment types each designed to solve a different set of problems.

With so many different options though, understanding the main selling points of every trailer can be challenging -- especially when they look similar.

Dry van and reefer trailers are some of the most commonly utilized equipment types in the trucking world. Together, these trailers help shippers move a wide array of freight.

But what do you absolutely need to know about them? This video will give you an overview of dry van and refrigerated (reefer) trailers, including what they each should be used for.

Video Chapters:

  • 0:00 What will I learn in this video 
  • 1:17 What is a Dry Van Trailer? 
  • 1:39 What are Dry Van Trailers Not Suited to Haul? 
  • 1:58 How Do Dry Van Trailers Impact Shipping Cost? 
  • 2:37 What is a Reefer Trailer? 
  • 3:23 What Are Reefers Used to Ship? 
  • 3:43 What Are Reefers Not Suited to Haul? 
  • 4:30 Which Equipment-Type is Best For Your Freight? 
  • 5:28 Wrap Up

Read the Article: Dry Van Vs. Reefer Trailers: Which is best for your freight?

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Keith Samuelson

Written by Keith Samuelson

Keith started his career as a national sales representative with ATS Logistics in early March 2020 and hasn't looked back. Today, Keith uses his finely-tuned problem-solving and interpersonal skills to help his customers meet their deadlines in this fast-paced industry. Keith enjoys the fact that no two days are the same in the transportation world and leans into his passion for continued growth as he refines his expertise to help his customers find their best-fit solution.

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