[Video] 8 Ways To Make Freight More Appealing to Truckers


Often, the final rate you pay to move your freight is dependent on how appealing your freight is in the eyes of trucking companies and their drivers. Truckers are a group of essential workers that need to take intricate care of how their time is spent — as they're constantly battling against a fleeting hours-of-service clock.

For this reason, loads with certain qualities deter truckers from servicing them, driving up the price shippers pay as a result.

You'll want to avoid this where you can.

In this video, Tony will help you do just that by outlining eight things you can do, starting right now, to make your freight more attractive in the eyes of truckers.

Video Chapters:

  • 0:00 What will I learn in this video? 
  • 0:55 Tactic 1: Efficient Loading Times
  • 2:21 Tactic 2: Clear Directions For Drivers To Follow 
  • 3:27 Tactic 3: Accurate and Detailed Freight Specifications 
  • 3:47 Tactic 4: Reduce the Weight of Your FTL Shipments 
  • 4:11 Tactic 5: Offer Overnight Parking 
  • 4:35 Tactic 6: Offer Driver-Friendly Amenities 
  • 4:58 Tactic 7: Brand Recognition and Reputation 
  • 5:34 Tactic 8: Prioritize Great Driver Experience

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Tony Block

Written by Tony Block

Tony has been with ATS Logistics as a national sales representative since mid-2020. During his time here, Tony's passion for helping shippers of all types meet their deadlines and maintain their budgets has been second to none. His heightened problem-solving skills and ability to make on-the-fly adjustments to meet customer needs plant Tony among the best in the business.

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