[Video] What is "Blitz Week?" (2024)

International Roadchecks help law enforcement offices and agencies across the U.S., Canada and Mexico ensure that all commercial carriers are legally compliant with the rules and regulations that govern them.

Although these yearly checks are important for ensuring the safety of our roadways, the 72-hour period that they're administered can be a disruptive time for many supply chains. 

In this video, we'll cover what "blitz week" (as it's commonly referred) is and what you can do to prepare for this year's round of checks. 

Video Chapters:

  • 0:00 Blitz Week introduction
  • 0:52 What is Blitz Week?
  • 1:24 What are they inspecting?
  • 1:40 How will Blitz Week affect my shipments?
  • 2:32 Will drivers be delayed? And why?
  • 2:56 How can I prepare for Blitz Week?
  • 3:52 Free resources

Read the Article, DOT Week 2022: What You Need to Know About "Blitz Week" This May

Check out the ATS Learning Hub for more free resources.

Tags: Safety

Michael Carlson

Written by Michael Carlson

Michael Carlson is a safety manager with ATS. He assists drivers, as well as the operations team, adhere to safety protocols. Before coming to ATS, he had years of hands-on safety experience. He worked for the railroad for a while before starting a career driving, where he hauled hazmat freight for eight years. Michael loves working for safety at ATS because he believes in the program. ATS has a great safety team and it takes each and every person to make the roads and the company safer.

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