[Video] What is First-Come-First-Serve (FCFS) in Freight Shipping Logistics?

First-come-first-serve operational procedures are a commonplace alternative to appointment-based scheduling in the world of supply chain management. The businesses that are able to offer FCFS scheduling for inbound and outbound trucks find great success in doing so.

Without understanding how first-come-first-serve should be managed and the tactics for making this process as smooth as possible, though, issues can occur.

In this video, Brandon, a national sales representative with ATS Logistics, will explain first-come-first-serve in detail to give you a more well-rounded view of this topic.

Video Chapters:

  • 0:00 What will I learn in this video? 
  • 1:01 What is first-come-first-serve? 
  • 1:29 What are the advantages of FCFS? 
  • 2:07 What are the disadvantages of FCFS? 
  • 3:16 What's needed in order to offer FCFS? 
  • 4:10 How do FCFS facilities impact drivers? 
  • 4:24 How does FCFS influence shipping price? 
  • 5:00 Wrap-up

Additional Pieces of Content:

Tags: Transportation Solutions, Shipping Services

Brandon Voigt

Written by Brandon Voigt

As a sales representative for ATS Logistics, Brandon provides worldwide transportation solutions to current customers and new customers — specializing in spot quotes for dry vans, refrigerated shipping, open deck shipping and more. He also provides a customizable approach to assist with every problem his book of business brings to him by working closely with his peers.

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