[Video] What is a Trailer-Interchange Agreement?

The transportation industry is home to a number of unique documents, procedures and terminology. Trailer interchange agreements, when employed between companies, are a vital piece of keeping multiple supply chains running.

But what are trailer interchange agreements? How do they differ from trailer rental agreements? When should you use them and what trailer interchange coverage will you need?

All of these questions need answering if you're looking to fully understand these important transportation documents. Today, Jerry R. will do just that.

Here at ATS, we take pride in answering all of your transportation-industry queries so that you can get ahead. Today, we'll do just that.

Video Chapters: 

  • 0:00 What will I learn in this video? 
  • 1:13 What is a trailer-interchange agreement?
  • 1:53 What challenges can occur with trailer-interchange agreements? 
  • 2:07 When are trailer-interchange agreements used? 
  • 3:56 Trailer-interchange vs. trailer-rental agreements
  • 4:25 What is trailer-interchange coverage? 
  • 4:37 What are my next steps?

Learn more about through-trailer service and the process of shipping freight to and from Mexico here.

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Jerry Ramirez

Written by Jerry Ramirez

Jerry joined ATS in 2003 and has served in various roles over the years, including time as a customer service manager in ATS’ Vans division. Now as an operations manager with ATS Logistics, Jerry works to develop employees and grow relationships with customers, focusing primarily on the specialized and heavy haul side of the business.

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