What Does Same-Day Shipping Cost?

Blue semi sitting in front of buildingMuch like getting your last-minute Christmas gifts delivered using overnight shipping, having your carrier move your freight the same day you request a quote comes at a premium. We’ll break down what goes into getting your products shipped the same day and how you can save some money with your last-minute shipments.

Depending on the transportation provider you work with, you may face “same-day” shipping costs if your request falls into these two areas:

  • When your quote request comes through “after business hours” — which generally means after 4:30 p.m. local time — and it gets quoted the same evening or early the next morning with the expectation that it will be moved that business day.
  • When you request a quote and need the load to move that day.

If your shipping needs fall into either of those two categories, you’ll likely pay same-day shipping costs. That could mean you’ll pay a “premium” to get your load moved, which could cost you several hundred dollars more.

Why Does Same-Day Shipping Cost More?

The extra cost that comes with same-day shipping ultimately boils down to the challenges that come with executing it.

Finding a truck (or more, if needed) that fits your needs in your area, when you need them to be there can be incredibly difficult —especially if you’re in an area away from a major freight lane. After all, most transportation providers book their freight days in advance.

On top of that, if you have special requirements, whether it’s hazardous material, the equipment your freight requires or any other accessorial requirements, it makes finding the right truck even more of a challenge.

In some cases, getting your freight covered might mean calling a carrier to convince them to drop everything they’re doing by paying them more to move your freight.

Finally, transportation providers tend to charge more for same-day shipping because they’re taking a risk by not having as much time to review their options — and could potentially take a loss if they make the wrong choice.

Ways to Save on Your Last-Minute Shipping Needs

We understand same-day shipping emergencies are results of something outside your control, in most cases. Sometimes, your load(s) are planned out with plenty of lead time, but suddenly your carrier falls through.

Here are a few ways you can help prevent the added costs of same-day shipping:

  • Provide as much detail as possible upfront: The more information your provide, whether it’s dimensions, destination, delivery timeframe or anything else related to the load, the better. That way, the transportation provider can get it right the first time, which will prevent unnecessary delays or last-minute changes that weren’t planned for.
  • Be transparent: There are many cases where the reason you need last-minute coverage is because your first-choice carrier fell through. If that’s a common problem, let your backup carrier know. They might be able to come to a better agreement with you and provide you more reliable coverage in the future.
  • Form relationships with your shippers and receivers: When you form quality, trusting, relationships with the people you’re working with, you may be able to explain your situation and buy yourself more time to get things picked up and delivered. That could save you the premium you might face from your transportation provider.
  • Find a quality transportation provider: Whether it’s an asset-based carrier or a freight brokerage — or both — find a transportation partner you can trust and form a quality relationship. That could prevent issues in the future where your carrier chases the money, instead siding towards loyalty and sticking with the load they already booked with you. Or, if you find a trusted freight brokerage, you could gain access to a large network of carriers, providing you a larger safety net when others fall through.

Whether same-day shipping is a regular occurrence for you or a one-off situation, you can get creative and find ways to prevent unnecessary costs and/or delays.

If you’re ready to find a more reliable transportation provider, we’d love to talk. ATS Logistics has been a leader in the freight brokerage industry since 1989. You can trust that when you call to get a load covered, if we say we’ll get it done, it’ll get done — no matter what it takes behind the scenes.

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Brandon Voigt

Written by Brandon Voigt

As a sales representative for ATS Logistics, Brandon provides worldwide transportation solutions to current customers and new customers — specializing in spot quotes for dry vans, refrigerated shipping, open deck shipping and more. He also provides a customizable approach to assist with every problem his book of business brings to him by working closely with his peers.

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