Labor Day Oversize Freight Hauling Restrictions by State 2023

Labor Day is a federal holiday set aside to honor the hard-working individuals who keep our country working.

Like all holidays, it’s also a day our hard-working drivers keep goods and commodities moving. Your Labor Day supplies including grills, camping gear, notebooks and backpacks, and even the patio furniture you got on sale were all transported in a truck. 

The Anderson Trucking Company (ATS) team has been transporting freight for more than 65 Labor Days. During that time, we've learned that the best way to predict the holiday regulations is not to try to predict it – it's best to go to the source. 

We've compiled links to the best sources of information for Labor Day travel restrictions. Click the link for any states you plan to travel through for accurate and complete information. 

What Restrictions Do Drivers Need to Follow on Labor Day?

Dry vans and most flatbed loads can travel as usual during Labor Day weekend (however, it will likely cost more – drivers earn a premium for working holidays).

Oversize cargo that requires a special permit, like mobile homes, construction supplies and heavy equipment, have restricted travel times. Many states forbid oversize/overweight loads from traveling on state roads during all or part of the holiday weekend.

Most state offices are closed on Labor Day, September 4, and each state has individual restrictions for oversize travel. Hauling overdimensional freight during these restricted times can mean significant fines, so it’s best to understand the restrictions and plan accordingly. 

Which States Have Restrictions on Labor Day Permitted Travel? 

The first weekend of September is a busy one for the transportation industry. Labor Day often means changes to drivers' home lives, it's in the middle of the busy harvest season and it's also the time when retailers are preparing for the fourth quarter. It's a busy time on roads nationwide for all types of freight. 

The best source of information is the Department of Transportation for the state(s) you will be traveling through. Below is a list of all 50 states in the union, and a link to their holiday travel restrictions. 

Alabama Department of Transportation Holiday Restrictions 

Alaska Administrative Permit Manual: Oversize and Overweight Permits

Arizona Administrative Code 

Arkansas Permit Rules 2023

California Transportation Permit Special Conditions for Holiday Travel

Colorado Holiday Restrictions & Important Notices

Connecticut Transportation Permits and Holiday Restrictions

Delaware Oversize / Overweight Permit System

Florida Holiday Travel Restriction

Georgia State Patrol Motor Carrier Compliance Division

Hawaii Guide to Permits

Idaho Permit Condition Manual


Illinois Transportation Automated Permits

Indiana Department of Revenue General Provisions of an Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permit

Iowa General Provisions for Oversize Load Permits

Kansas DOT Permit Applications and Information

Kentucky Overweight Overdimensional

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Get a Permit

Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Massachusetts Commercial Truck Permits

Maryland Department of Transportation Hauling Permit Restrictions

Michigan Holiday Travel Restrictions

Minnesota Holiday Travel Restrictions for Oversize Vehicles

Mississippi Office of Enforcement

Missouri Oversize/Overweight Permit Restrictions

Montana Holiday Restrictions for 2023

Nebraska Observed Holidays 2023

Nevada Holiday Travel Restrictions

New Hampshire Holiday Travel Restrictions

New Jersey DOT Permit Requirements

New Mexico Transportation and Highways Size and Weight of Vehicles and Loads 

New York Oversize Holiday Travel Restrictions

North Carolina Oversize/Overweight Travel Restrictions

North Dakota Oversize/Overweight Restrictions

Ohio Holiday Restrictions Notice

Oklahoma State Courts Network

Oregon Holiday Schedule 2023

Pennsylvania Holiday Travel Restrictions

Rhode Island Statewide Truck and Bridge Restrictions

South Carolina Permit Office Closures

South Dakota Clearance & Route Restrictions

Tennessee Holiday Travel Restrictions

Texas Holiday Hours & Movement Restrictions

Utah Size & Weight Rules

Vermont Overweight and Overdimension Permits

Virginia Register and Regulations

Washington State Commercial Vehicle Guide

West Virginia Hauling Permits

Wisconsin Holiday Days and Operations for Oversize Vehicles

Wyoming Trucking/Commercial Vehicles

As you can see in the linked content, there's a variety of restrictions for overdimensional travel over the holiday weekend. Before hitting the road with a permitted load, be sure you are prepared for any additional restrictions. 

Download the 2023 Holiday Freight Schedule

Fines for hauling a permitted load during restricted times will be significant. The bottom line is that if you can avoid hauling a permitted load over Labor Day, that is probably the easiest answer. But if it can't be avoided, be sure to abide by the restrictions for whatever state you are in.

Labor Day isn’t the only holiday that impacts oversize freight travel. Planning ahead now will save money and time in the long run. Download the 2023 Holiday Freight Schedule to plan and prepare your shipping schedule. 

If you're looking for a quote for holiday or non-holiday travel, the ATS team is happy to help. 

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Joanna Jungels

Written by Joanna Jungels

Joanna Jungels began her career with ATS in 2005 as a Fleet Manager. Soon after, she was promoted to oversee and enhance a growing OS/OW permitting team which created a system to retain and output rules and requirements for both state and local entities. Today, Joanna regularly attends state transportation meetings, and currently serves as chair of the Permit Policy Committee at the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association, where she advocates for, and promotes the importance of, creating useful resources to better understand and increase awareness around the complexities of oversized freight. In her role at ATS, Joanna enjoys working with others to brainstorm, solve problems and learn new things while continually striving to improve the processes and resources available to ATS' customers.

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