[Podcast] Agent Model Freight Brokerage: What They Are, What Makes Them Unique and How a Freight Agent Can Help You Succeed


Freight brokerages that operate with an agent model are a widely popular option used by shippers around our nation. These companies offer their service at a high level as they prioritize customer service and follow-through over everything.

As you continue your pursuit of a well-optimized transportation network, agent-model freight brokerages are certainly worth consideration. 

That said, agent model brokerages also have a list of weaknesses that you should keep in mind when doing so. 

In this episode of Beyond The Road, we’ll sit down with the Vice President of Sureway Transportation — a full-service freight brokerage, operated by freight agents — to discuss what these brokers truly bring to the table. 

Information Covered in This Podcast:

  • What is an Agent-Model Freight Brokerage?
  • What Are an Agent-Model Freight Brokerage's Strengths?
  • What Are The Weaknesses of Agent-Model Freight Brokerage?
  • How to Choose an Agent-Model Freight Broker
  • What Are The Characteristics of a Great Freight Agent?

Learn More About The Different Types of Freight Brokers

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Paul Killmer

Written by Paul Killmer

Paul has been working in the transportation industry for more than two decades. After starting with ATS Logistics in 1999, Paul spent the next 16 years helping ATS Logistics' teams and customers reach their fullest potential. In September 2016, Paul transitioned to a role at Sureway Transportation Company, Inc. Today, Paul serves as the Vice President of Sureway where he enjoys helping Sureway's agents, employees and customers meet their goals.

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