[Podcast] Freight Brokerage Deep Dive: What They Are, What They Do, How They Make Money and More


Freight brokerage companies are a staple piece of the transportation industry. With their assistance, companies with cargo to collect and freight to distribute can do so in a swift, and often cost-effective, manner.

But what is a freight brokerage really? What do they do, how do they source capacity, what should you expect when working with one and, perhaps most importantly, how do they make money?

With so much on the line each time you hand freight off to a brokerage, it’s important that you feel as comfortable as possible when doing so. 

That’s why, in this episode of Beyond The Road, we’ll sit down with an experienced freight broker to take an in-depth look at what these companies bring to the table and go over what you should think about when selecting yours going forward.

Information Covered in This Episode:

  • What is a Freight Brokerage and What Do They Do?
  • What Services Do Freight Brokers Offer?
  • What Happens After You Tender Your Broker a Load?
  • How Do Freight Brokers Offer Load Tracking?
  • How Do Freight Brokerages Choose Carriers?
  • How Does a Freight Broker Make Money?
  • What Are The Advantages of Using a Freight Brokerage?
  • What Are The Disadvantages of Using a Freight Brokerage?
  • What To Look For When Selecting a Brokerage
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Keith Samuelson

Written by Keith Samuelson

Keith started his career as a national sales representative with ATS Logistics in early March 2020 and hasn't looked back. Today, Keith uses his finely-tuned problem-solving and interpersonal skills to help his customers meet their deadlines in this fast-paced industry. Keith enjoys the fact that no two days are the same in the transportation world and leans into his passion for continued growth as he refines his expertise to help his customers find their best-fit solution.

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