[Podcast] International Freight Shipping Via Marine Vessel: an Overview of Your Options (Ro/Ro, Containerized & Breakbulk)


There are three main options for transporting freight via marine vessel. These options are roll-on/roll-off (Ro/Ro), containerized/flatrack transportation and breakbulk.

Without the proper understanding of, and expectations for, the international transportation service they use, many companies have trouble moving their freight in a time and cost-effective manner. 

In a world of more than 190 countries and multiple avenues for transporting cargo between them, it’s okay if you feel apprehensive whenever the time comes to organize a shipment. 

Questions about each of your international transport options should never go unanswered — especially as you strive to meet customer commitments and organizational deadlines. 

In this episode of Beyond The Road, we go over roll-on/roll-off, containerized/flatrack and breakbulk —  three standard methods for transporting freight internationally via marine vessel to set you up for success when doing so.

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Zach Ticha

Written by Zach Ticha

Zach started working for ATS International and helping companies around the world move their project cargo since 2016. As a business development specialist until late 2022, Zach enjoyed developing comprehensive transportation concepts, individualized to meet the unique needs of each customer.

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