[Podcast] LIVE From The Breakbulk Americas 2022 Trade Show Floor: The State of Breakbulk & How to Choose a Provider



Breakbulk shipping is a crucial segment of many businesses. Breakbulk Americas is an international breakbulk shipping conference where stakeholders from all over the work gather to network, share best practices and refine their processes. 

In this episode of Beyond The Road, you'll hear from Carl, one of ATS International's transportation experts as he discusses the Breakbulk Americas trade show and the current state of the breakbulk industry. 

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Breakbulk Americas: The Trade Show
  • How Has Breakbulk Changed Over the Past Decade?
  • What is a Transport Concept for a Breakbulk Shipment?
  • What Are Your Options For Breakbulk Shipping?
  • Breakbulk Shipping Rates: How Are They Looking?
  • What Does it Take to Successfully Move Breakbulk Cargo Today?
  • How to Choose a Freight Forwarder?
  • A Special Shoutout To Breakbulk's Many Stakeholders

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Carl Verdon

Written by Carl Verdon

Carl has been working for ATS International, in various capacities, for more than 13 years. During this time, Carl's dedication to maintaining industry-leading service levels has helped customers move cargos around the world and back again... hundreds of times over. Today, as a customer service and sales manager, Carl enjoys the unique challenge that each international shipment presents as he works with his team to promote the ATS name on a global scale.

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