[Podcast] Tips For Saving On Your Freight Rates (Even During Volatile Times)


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Logistics professionals and supply chain managers around the U.S. and the world are constantly seeking to take their dollars further. With so many things to deal with, achieving this end is often easier said than done.

To name a few, the rising fuel prices, inconsistent transportation companies, and the ongoing truck driver shortage are things all shippers battle with. These things are out of your control as a logistics professional.

However, you can control some other things.

In this episode of Beyond The Road, let's sit down with a long-time transportation professional to discuss some reliable tactics for saving money on your freight costs. Although some of these tactics might not be directly actionable for you, many of them probably are.

And, with so much at stake for your business and its customers, it's important that you do everything possible to maximize efficiencies.

Money-saving tips covered in the episode include:

  1. Prioritizing trailer type flexibility
  2. Allowing greater leniency for pickup/drop appointments
  3.  Optimizing the frequency of your RFQs
  4. Offering truck driver amenities 
    1. On-sight parking
    2. Clear instructions
    3. Bathrooms, cafeterias, showers
  5. Give 72-hours of lead time whenever possible
  6. Avoid additional requirements (tarps, blankets, corner protectors, etc.) and/or specify these requirements upfront
  7. Select a single provider on each load

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Mike Zarns

Written by Mike Zarns

Mike started with ATS in 2011 and was onboarded as a carrier representative covering loads. A year later, he transitioned into sales, and in 2015 he moved into management. Mike has a passion for helping customers and employees by finding unique solutions to their problems.

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